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For the genetic code, the Mold/Protozoan Mitochondrial option was selected; this codon translation scheme has been shown in red algae of the classes Florideophyceae and Bangiophyceae (Boyen et al.
However, of the seven classes of red algae, only three (Cyanidiophyceae, Bangiophyceae, and Florideophyceae) currently have mitochondrial genomes available, and the unrepresented classes are all phylogenetically placed between Cyanidiophyceae and the others.
Kornmann Clase Bangiophyceae Orden Bangiales Bangiaceae 20.
Low molecular weight carbohydrate patterns in the Bangiophyceae (Rhodophyta).
DIVISION: RHODOPHYTA Subdivision Eurhodophytina Class Bangiophyceae