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a people in Cameroon, inhabiting the highlands between the Mbam and the Noun rivers.

Some of the Bamileke live in the city of Douala or in its vicinity. The Bamileke and related tribes such as the Bamum (Mum; self-designation Shupamen) and others number about 1 million (1967 estimate). The language spoken by the Bamileke is one of the eastern Bantoid languages. Most of the Bamileke are Muslims, but some adhere to local traditional beliefs. Their basic occupation is agriculture (corn, cassava, and peanuts). The Bamileke also work on banana, coffee, and quinine plantations and at the seaport of Douala.


Peoples of the Central Cameroons. London, 1954.
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Entre 30 e 40 km, estao localizadas as Regioes da Barra da Tijuca, Cidade de Deus e Bangu, nenhuma alcancando mais de 15% dos empregos em 1 hora.
On Tuesday, however, in a gruesome twist, Rio prison officials said Silva had been found dead in his cell in a high-security unit in the state's Bangu prison complex.
Clauvino da Silva, a drug dealer from the city of Angra dos Reis, was caught by prison guards at the Bangu jail complex in Rio state on Saturday, as he tried to exit via the front door after visiting hours.
The low-income slum dwelling, also known by the street name Bangu, is located in the northeastern outskirts of Nairobi and is generally classified as one of the most crime-infested areas to live in.
The content of the WHO/UNICEF, Caring for the sick child in the community package for children aged 2 months to 5 years, was adapted by the MOHSW (known in Swahili as Bangu Kitita) for use by CHW, such as WAJA, to perform IMCI.
AP the CNES Network's Station start date 1 1.0 7243707 Centro 27/01/2012 2 1.0 7455380 Cidade Nova 10/12/2013 3 2.1 7243715 Catete 29/09/2012 4 2.1 7243723 Rocinha 27/07/2010 5 2.1 9023046 Copacabana 09/07/2016 6 2.2 7243731 Tijuca 18/10/2010 7 3.1 7243758 Jardim America 22/10/2010 8 3.1 7243766 Penha 16/04/2011 9 3.1 7258356 Manguinhos 09/09/2011 10 3.2 7243774 Lins de Vasconcellos 30/07/2010 11 3.3 7243782 Iraja 10/12/2010 12 3.3 7243790 Madureira 08/12/2012 13 4.0 7243820 Barra da Tijuca 27/07/2010 14 5.1 7243839 Bangu 28/07/2010 15 5.1 7243847 Padre Miguel 29/01/2011 16 5.2 7243855 Pedra de Guaratiba 28/07/2010 17 5.3 7243863 Santa Cruz 18/10/2010 No.
Farina 6 17/09--Sab 15:00 Santa Maria Presidente Vargas 7 24/09--Sab 15:00 Caxias Do Sul Campo Do Bangu 8 01/10--Sab 15:00 Santa Maria Presidente Vargas 9 08/10--Sab 15:00 Passo Fundo Vermelhao Da Serra 10 12/10--Qua 15:00 Santa Maria Presidente Vargas 11 15/10--Sab 15:00 Alvorada Mor.
Sharing pre and post training experience, a teacher at Lesoma Primary School in Chobe, Bangu Tabulawa said CAPA incorporated eight subjects which make it had to master all, the subjects in there.
Once, when he was about to be brought on as a sub for Rio team Bangu as the team was losing 2-0, he climbed on to a fence and started shouting obscenities at fans berating their team - and got immediately red-carded.
Once, when he was about to be brought on as a sub for Rio de Janeiro side Bangu as the team was losing 2-0, he climbed on to a fence and started shouting obscenities at fans who were voicing their disgust at their team - and was immediately red-carded.