bank holidays

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bank holidays,

days when the law requires that banks be closed. In the United States the list varies from state to state but generally includes, besides the major holidays, many days that are observed only by the banks and such government institutions as post offices. In England since 1871, bank holidays have had special significance as secular and perpetual holidays. The days include Christmas, Boxing Day (the first weekday after Christmas), Good Friday, Easter Monday, Whitmonday (the day after Pentecost), and the special banking day on the first Monday in August.
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Crowds flock to the beach on bank holiday weekend in August 2003
And you would have to go back to 2007 for an August bank holiday that was completely free of drizzle in Birmingham.
The May Bank Holiday weekend has roots in the pagan festival of Beltane, which marks the beginning of summer.
Even if there were no newspapers on Bank Holidays, I would still have to work on Bank Holidays because there has to be a newspaper the day after the Bank Holiday.
Lidl's new store, which is set to open at the former Allan Ford car dealership site in Hinckley Road next year, has been given permission to open earlier and close later on Bank Holidays.
If your employer gives you bank holidays as paid holiday under your contract, they can include those days in the minimum 5.
The first bank holidays were introduced in 1871 and the view was that the term "bank holiday" conferred more authority on the day of rest than "public holiday".
For tomorrow is May Day break and, on May 26, we will enjoy another Monday lounging around at home when it is Spring Bank Holiday.
SEVENTEEN years ago when Diana Princess of Wales was killed in Paris in a car accident we were promised a bank holiday every year to remember her birthday on July 1.
Beach breaks are proving to be popular for the August Bank Holiday, which takes place over the weekend of August 25, 26 and 27.
YORKSHIRE firms are dismayed that the Queen's Diamond Jubilee will mean an extra bank holiday this summer.