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Bankers Trust Company


one of the billionaire banks of the USA; controlled by the Morgan group. Founded in New York in 1903 with $1 million capital. Absorbed numerous small, medium-sized, and large banks.

In 1965, with the intention of expanding beyond New York City, the company created a bank holding company, the Bankers Trust New York Corporation, which controls several banks in the state of New York, including the Bankers Trust Company. It has subsidiary banks in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Federal Republic of Germany, Luxembourg, Liberia, Nigeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Senegal, the People’s Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Ivory Coast, Argentina, Colombia, the Philippines, and Taiwan and has representatives in Mexico City, Rome, Paris, Frankfurt am Main, Manila, Sydney, Beirut, Zurich, Tokyo, and other cities. The Bankers Trust Company is tied in via personal union with such large industrial monopolies as General Electric, Western Electric (AT&T), Goodrich, Otis Elevator, and Pan American Airways. In 1968 the bank had 86 branches in New York, one in London, and one in Paris.

The joint-stock capital at the beginning of 1969 was $99 million. The balance of the bank was $8 billion (at the beginning of 1960 it was $3.1 billion); investments, $7.1 billion; loans, $4.3 billion; US government bonds, $500 million; and other stocks and bonds, $900 million. ’

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Community Bankers Trust Corporation is the holding company for Essex Bank, a Virginia state bank with 25 full-service offices, 19 of which are in Virginia and six of which are in Maryland.
Radia in a statement said Coffin becoming president is the first time Bankers Trust has promoted someone from within the company to take over the role.
increased substantially, and Bankers Trust was at the forefront of this
The emerging markets crisis virtually wiped out Deutsche's operating income in the third quarter, when operating profit slumped to pounds 25million, while Bankers Trust slumped to a loss of pounds 295million.
A City analyst added: "I don't think Deutsche's involvement with Bankers Trust would affect the deal.
Bankers Trust is located in a mid-town building, around Park Avenue and not far from Grand Central Station.
Community Bankers Trust Corporation (NASDAQ: ESXB) said its wholly owned subsidiary, Essex Bank has entered into an agreement with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that terminates its only shared-loss arrangement with the FDIC.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 18, 2015-Community Bankers Trust reports FDIC shared loss agreement termination
Global Banking News-June 5, 2014--Community Bankers Trust repurchases TARP warrants
Palmdale, which is the administrator of $50 million in bonds issued for improvements to the project but is not responsible for the payments, began its own foreclosure proceedings in May 1997 against the lender, Bankers Trust.
The Federal Reserve Board on December 12, 2000, announced the issuance of an order of prohibition against Bruce Jeffrey Kingdon, a former partner, operating committee member, managing director, employee, and institution-affiliated party of the Bankers Trust Company, New York, New York.
The European Commission's Merger Task Force received a formal notification, on March 18, from both Deutsche Bank and Bankers Trust over their intended merger.