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symbol for the element bariumbarium
[Gr.,=heavy], metallic chemical element; symbol Ba; at. no. 56; at. wt. 137.327; m.p. 725°C;; b.p. 1,640°C;; sp. gr. 3.5 at 20°C;; valence +2. Barium is a soft, silver-white, chemically active, poisonous metal with a face-centered cubic crystalline structure.
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Abbr. for “bright annealed.”


Egyptian myth the soul, represented as a bird with a human head


The country code for Bosnia and Herzegowina.
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Open market operations in government securities remained an important source of Federal Reserve credit throughout the 1920s and even more so during the early 193Os, when discount window loans and Federal Reserve purchases of bankers acceptances dwindled.
During 1930 and most of 1931, however, Fed purchases of government securities were insufficient to offset net declines in discount window loans and Fed purchases of bankers acceptances.
20) The total increase in Federal Reserve credit was less than $1 billion because of declines in discount window loans and Fed holdings of bankers acceptances, but member bank reserves increased and the money stock stopped falling.
Those officials who were critical of open market purchases during the 1920s tended to argue that Federal Reserve credit should be extended only at the initiative of member banks, through the discount window or by sales of bankers acceptances to the Fed.
The company will issue commercial paper, bankers acceptances, medium-term notes, bonds and other traditional instruments to provide continuous efficient funding for the Daimler-Benz Canadian operations.
Maulella, who served last year as vice chair/chair elect of the USCIB, has broad experience in international banking and trade service, having managed the development and delivery of commercial and standby letters of credit, as well as collections, bankers acceptances and reimbursement letters of credit.
Government securities, mortgage- and asset-backed securities, over-the-counter investment-grade corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and secondary money market trading in bankers acceptances, commercial paper and Yankee and Euro certificates of deposit.
The Revolving Credit Facility includes a Swingline Facility and Sterling Bankers Acceptances priced at a margin of 0.