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1. an association of business enterprises or individuals organized to undertake a joint project requiring considerable capital
2. any association formed to carry out an enterprise or enterprises of common interest to its members
3. a board of syndics or the office of syndic
4. (in Italy under the Fascists) a local organization of employers or employees



(1) One form of monopolistic, cartel-type agreement, aimed at establishing control over the market primarily of a single, mass-produced product and made for the purpose of eliminating competition between monopolies in the marketing and purchasing of raw materials and, thus, for the purpose of obtaining the greatest profit (seeCARTEL). Syndicate members sell their products and purchase their raw materials through a single sales office. The sales office receives all orders and distributes them in accordance with the quotas agreed upon by the monopolies, which deliver their commodities to the office at a price previously agreed on. Syndicate members maintain their independence as far as production and legal status are concerned; in contrast to a cartel, however, they lose their commercial independence.

Syndicates flourished in the early 20th century until World War II in Germany, France, and other countries, mostly in the extractive industries. Interwar Germany had several hundred syndicates, the largest being the Rhine-Westphalia Coal Syndicate and the German Potash Syndicate. Prerevolutionary Russia also had syndicates, such as Prodamet (metallurgy), Produ-gol’ (Donets Basin coal), and Med’ (copper), which controlled the marketing of as much as 90 percent of production in the corresponding branches of industry.

Syndicates, as a form of monopolistic agreement within a given branch of industry, have lost their former importance. Antitrust laws have limited horizontal concentration, that is, concentration within a given branch of industry, and high levels of monopolization prevail in most such branches; thus, other, more flexible forms of monopolistic agreement have come into use (seeCAPITALIST MONOPOLIES).

(2) In the USSR, during the period of the New Economic Policy, a type of economic organization that combined a group of industrial trusts for the wholesale marketing of production, the purchasing of raw materials, and the planning of trade operations. The first Soviet syndicate—the All-Union Textile Syndicate—was created in 1922; in the period 1922–28 a total of 23 syndicates were in operation. Syndicates were eliminated in 1929 and 1930.


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The final agreements with the banking syndicate provide for the conversion of each existing 8.
two bridge loans granted by Strukton and the banking syndicate totalling[euro]20 million until completion of the rights issue in the second half of 2015;
During this loan, the banking syndicate was also led by Standard Chartered and included BNP Paribas, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Natixis and Deutsche Bank.
These risks, uncertainties and factors include, but are not limited to, the potential adverse impact of continuing defaults under the Credit Agreement with our banking syndicate, the Company's ability to raise additional equity, commodity prices and the difficulty in retaining key personnel to carry on the Company's oil and gas operations.
The first financial impact derives from the collective transactional volume of the banking syndicate structure on bank service pricing.
The banking syndicate includes: the Bank of Montreal; the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; the National Bank of Canada; the Royal Bank of Canada; and the Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada.
During the approval process, Polaris will utilize a combination of equity and loan funds provided by its banking syndicate led by Standard Bank in order to continue its current development activities.
The statements contained in this release which are not historical facts are forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, the Company's ability to reach agreement with its banking syndicate, to utilize deferred tax assets, the ability to secure new customers and maintain its current customer base, the risk of customer delays or cancellations in both on-going and new programs, supplier disruptions, the effect of economic conditions, the impact of competition and other risks detailed, from time to time, in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Physicians Clinical Laboratory (Nasdaq-NNM: PCLI) announced today that it has reached preliminary agreement with its banking syndicate with regard to a further restructuring of its secured credit facilities.
MONTREAL -- CN announced today it has successfully refinanced, by way of amendment, its US$1-billion revolving credit facility for a five-year period with an international banking syndicate led by BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.
Nasdaq: CRLN) today announced that it has signed a $125 million credit facility with a banking syndicate led by the First National Bank of Boston.
The lowering of the rating by S&P does not trigger changes in the Company's outstanding debts, save for an increase in the interest rates charged by the banking syndicate under the Company's termed-out credit facilities.