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pseud. of an English graffiti artist, c.1974–, probably b. Bristol. He painted on walls, bridges, and the like in Bristol and London in the 1990s before he began to use (c.2000) stencils and stencils combined with free-hand work, which became his hallmark. His images, often paired with witty or cutting epigrams, tend to be satirical, antiauthoritarian, and anticapitalist, and his skill at art and social commentary helped make street art mainstream. In addition to Bristol and London, his work has appeared in other cities worldwide and in such places as the Palestinian side of the West Bank barrier (2005) and the environs of a refugee camp near Calais, France (2014). It also has been sneaked into such museums as London's Tate and New York's Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan and has received formal museum exhibition. His self-published books include Banging Your Head against a Brick Wall (2001), Cut It Out (2004), and You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat (2012); Wall and Piece (2005) was published commercially. Banksy is also a filmmaker, best known for the documentary Exit through the Gift Shop (2010). In 2008 London's Daily Mail identified Banksy as a man named Robin Gunningham; university researchers using geographic profiling contended in 2016 that it confirmed that identification.
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FAMED street artist Banksy has confirmed he is behind a mysterious graffiti on a bridge.
These pictures might make it look as though Banksy has returned to Liverpool -- but these Rude Kids are not what they seem.
An actor dressed up as Queen Elizabeth II and Palestinian children attend an event held by British street artist Banksy to apologize for the Balfour Declaration.
British street artist Banksy has offered a royal 'apology' engraved on Israel's barrier in the occupied West Bank for Britain's endorsement a century ago of the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
And last month the owner of five pieces of Banksy artwork from Liverpool, including the Love Plane and the White Rat, said they had been sold to an "anonymous Qatari buyer" for PS3.
ELUSIVE street artist Banksy has broken his silence to quash mounting speculation that he is Massive Attack musician Robert Del Naja.
Without intending to, DJ Goldie let it slip during a recent interview that he might be privy to the real identity of the street artist Banksy, who has managed to avoid being recognized by anyone in the world for more than 20 years.
Now it's art, a fashion started by Bristol-based spray-canner Banksy during the Noughties and who has since risen to global fame for his work.
STREET artist Banksy has offered a free artwork to anyone who votes against the Tory incumbent in several Bristol constituencies.
The famously anonymous street artist Banksy has unveiled a new artwork, this time in the UK coastal town of Dover.
STREET artist Banksy surprised primary school children by painting a mural on the side of one of their classrooms during half-term.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The world premiere for "The Art of Banksy" exhibition, hosting pieces by the world-renowned street artist known as Banksy, was held at ystanbul's Global KarakE[micro]y gallery on Thursday evening.