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Manchu conscription system. Companies of ManchuManchu
, people who lived in Manchuria for many centuries and who ruled China from 1644 until 1912. These people, related to the Tungus, were descended from the Jurchen, a tribe known in Asia since the 7th cent. They were first called Manchu in the early 17th cent.
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 warriors were grouped (1601) into brigades, each with a distinctive banner. The banner system integrated former tribal units into a bureaucratic war machine that enabled the Manchus to conquer and rule China as the Ch'ingCh'ing
or Manchu
, the last of the Imperial dynasties of China. Background

The Ch'ing dynasty was established by the Manchus, who invaded China and captured Beijing in 1644, and lasted until 1911.
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 dynasty (1644–1912). Banners (brigades) and their component companies did not live and fight as units but were garrisoned at various places and contributed a certain quota of men to make up a fighting force when needed. Later, banners of Mongol and Chinese adherents were also organized. About 1.5 million bannermen and their families were garrisoned at strategic points and major population centers throughout China. By the 19th cent. corruption and inefficiency pervaded the banner system, forcing the Ch'ing government to rely increasingly on provincial militia.
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* The Department's Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) issued an update to its alert about vulnerability in the Ellucian Banner system used by many colleges and universities.
With the cooperation and assistance of the Department of Institutional Research, researchers collected data from October 1 through December 16, 2015, from off-campus authentication records using EZproxy logins and from the College Registrar records using the Banner system. The EZproxy logins were used to determine how frequently distance learning students accessed electronic materials, such as articles and e-books, from off campus.
They also show a banner system that will wrap around the Main Stand, Gwladys Street and Bullens Road Stand.
At British Columbia Institute of Technology, Alan Etkin, senior systems analyst, managed to connect the tracking dots with Google Analytics from the website to the school's Banner system.
The underlying databases for the solutions were based on Oracle technology, and the Banner system was implemented alongside Oracle eBusiness Suite, which provided specific business applications for different departments within KFUPM.
As a director of professional practice in the Banner system, I witness nurses at every level develop and grow into experts and the difference in the way they practice is palpable.
This was done through organizing the military into a multi-ethnic banner system, ensuring a strong economy based on agriculture and the ginseng trade, purchasing cannon and muskets from Portuguese traders, adopting a Manchu script and selective sinicization, and constructing a governance system with administrative innovations ruling over a diverse and multi-ethnic population.
The Arrive InfoPoint Resource Schedule Management system ties directly with Khadamat's Timetable software and UAEU's Banner system to accurately publish an entire semester's timetable to touch screen interactive displays mounted outside classroom doors.
The initial Manchu success at incorporating Han into the Banner system and adapting to Chinese society, which undergirded Qing rule early on, also prompted apprehensions about ethnic disappearance.
Of course, a computer system can do essentially anything the institution is willing to pay for it to do, so having this national guideline in hand (especially if an institution is about to make the transition to the Banner system) may well be a valuable card to play in the campus negotiations about how Banner or some other system will be configured.