Bantry Bay

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Bantry Bay,

inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, 21 mi (34 km) long and 4 mi (6.4 km) wide, Co. Cork, SW Republic of Ireland. It is one of Europe's best natural anchorages. At the head of the bay is Bantry. Bear and Whiddy islands are in the bay; the latter is the site of an oil terminal and storage facility.
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Minister Byrne was in Cork on Friday for the signing of a major contract between Bantry Bay Seafoods and Youngs Bluecrest - a major UK company - for the supply of thousands of tons of Irish mussels to the international market.
Friends of the Irish Environment called on Marine Minister Simon Coveney to give figures on the number of escaped salmon in Bantry Bay, Co Cork.
The sounds of Enya transport me back to a balmy evening outside a pub in Bantry Bay on Ireland's west coast, drinking Guinness as the sun set.
The friends were staying at an isolated holiday home overlooking Bantry Bay and used by Mr Decker's family for several years.
Then at last on to Killarney, via Bantry Bay and Kenmare, with its breathtaking mountains and forests.
A key investment that completed the round of funding came from Bantry Bay Ventures of Hartford, Conn.
Pat Courcey, 25, has been missing since Friday after he fell from a boat while out sailing in Bantry Bay, Cork.
5 million from FIRMCO, and $2 million from Bantry Bay Ventures.
Despite its official neutrality, the report warns Ireland may not have been spared a nuclear strike, with Shannon and Bantry Bay pinpointed as likely targets.
Also it is situated right on Bantry Bay which has absolutely breathtaking scenery - it is quite scary as well as magnificent.
com investors include David Wetherell, CEO of CMGI, Bob Davis, CEO of Lycos, Blue Rock Capital, Jafco, and Bantry Bay Ventures.
A decision was made last night to tow the EUR20million vessel back into Bantry Bay.