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in 20th-century South African history, territory that was set aside under apartheidapartheid
[Afrik.,=apartness], system of racial segregation peculiar to the Republic of South Africa, the legal basis of which was largely repealed in 1991–92. History
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 for black South Africans and slated for eventual independence. Ten bantustans (later generally referred to as homelands), covering 14% of the country's land, were created from the former "native reserves." Four were proclaimed independent—TranskeiTranskei
, former black "homeland" and nominal republic, E South Africa, in what is now Eastern Cape prov. Transkei was bounded by the Great Kei River on the south, by the Indian Ocean on the east, by Natal (now Kwazulu-Natal) on the north, and by Lesotho on the northwest.
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 (1976), BophuthatswanaBophuthatswana
, former black "homeland" and nominal republic, c.17,000 sq mi (44,000 sq km), N South Africa. Bophuthatswana comprised seven separate areas, one along the Botswana border, the remainder enclaves within N and central South Africa.
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 (1977), VendaVenda
, former black "homeland" and nominal republic, NE South Africa. It comprised two connected areas near the Zimbabwe border in what is now Limpopo prov. Kruger National Park bordered on its northeast, and the former homeland of Gazankulu bordered on the southeast.
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 (1979), and CiskeiCiskei
, former black "homeland" and nominal republic, SE South Africa, in what is now Eastern Cape prov. Surrounded by the former Cape Province of South Africa, it consisted of two parcels of land, the larger one bordering the Indian Ocean to the southeast.
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 (1981)—but no foreign government recognized them as independent nations. Citizens of independent homelands lost the limited rights they had as South Africans. Under the South African constitution that was approved in 1993 and ended white rule, South African citizenship was restored to homeland residents, and the homelands were abolished.


(formerly, in South Africa) an area reserved for occupation by a Black African people, with limited self-government; abolished in 1993
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The women therefore come in illegally, running the risk of jail or deportation back to the bantustans.
It is not surprising therefore that blacks, who spend their lives and labor in "white" South Africa but who are politically powerless and voteless, regard the bantustans as a political obstacle.
The Bantustan concept in which a Palestinian state would lack "any meaningful sovereignty over borders, natural resources, trade, security, foreign policy, water, C*" is a concept which Arafat specifically rejected at Camp David in 2000 and does not comport with any reasonable concept of statehood, nor would it be the intention or understanding of the members of the UN Security Council voting for the Palestinian initiative, nor does it resemble anything the Palestinian Authority is seeking.
Would the Black Africans have gotten anything more than few scattered, non viable, dusty Bantustans located at the periphery of their own historical native land?
Korn leaps, without benefit of logic, from Nostra Aetate's affirmation of God's covenant with the Jewish people to a claimed church affirmation of Israel's right to forcibly displace millions of Palestinians from their homes and property without compensation, to multiply settlements and roads that leave them isolated Bantustans, and to subject Palestinians to endless checkpoints, searches, delays, permit requirements and abusive and degrading treatment that have destroyed hope and created suicide bombers.
And if you go further north, there are a couple of other salients, which cut what's left into unviable cantons, what Ariel Sharon, the architect of the policy, he honestly--he called them "bantustans," which is not quite accurate, because South Africa relied on the black labor, so they took care of the bantustans, just kind of the way slave owners took care of slaves--they're your kind of capital; you've got to keep them going, let them reproduce and so on--and they also hoped that the bantustans would be recognized by other countries, so they sort of, more or less, kept them viable.
The Oslo virus has reduced the Palestinian struggle for liberation to a struggle for Bantustans.
Sharon's vision of bartering Gaza for East Jerusalem and vast and vital areas of the West Bank would destroy the dream of Palestinian statehood and replace it with a nightmare of isolated, impoverished cantons, similar to the Bantustans that black South Africans rejected under apartheid.
Those remaining in the tiny Bantustans of land from where Israel has not yet expelled us face military occupation and attacks, continuous settler harassment and racial discrimination that echo the worst traits of apartheid.
Such an arrangement would have made the future Palestinian state less viable than the Bantustans created by the South African apartheid government.
Virginia Tilley, the South African author of the 2005 book The One-State Solution, argued recently in the Palestinian online journal the Electronic Intifada that the statehood proposal threatens to create Bantustans on the South African model that the African National Congress rejected out of hand, and thus "wall Palestinian aspirations into a political cul-de-sac from which it may never emerge.
The goal, he says, "is to confine the 2 million residents of the West Bank and East Jerusalem to small, crowded, impoverished and disconnected bantustans.