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people living along the middle course of the Kasai River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire). They number about 130,000, according to a 1967 estimate: their language belongs to the Bantu family. Christianity coexists with local traditional religions among the Bakuba.

The state of Bakuba, or Bushongo, took shape around the tenth century and survived up to the start of the 20th century. The primary occupation of the Bakuba is farming; handicraft (wood carving) is developed. Capitalist, feudal, and tribal relations are intertwined in the villages. Many Bakuba have moved to the cities and the areas of mining industry.


Vansina, J. Les Tribus Ba-Kuba et les peuplades apparenties. Tervuren, 1954.
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Meanwhile, three people were injured when a mortar shell landed at a field in northeastern Baqubah city
A security source said in a statement today that the Iraqi warplanes bombed a motorcycle carrying two ISIS elements one suicide bomber northeast of Baqubah city in Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of the.
Ghaleb al-Attiya, spokesperson of the province's police service, said civilians at al-Islah village (70 Km Northeast of Baqubah waged a surprise attack, backed by police forces, on an ISIL State "sleeper cell" that was hiding at a rest house near a farmland in the area, Al Sumariya reported.
It was 2007, and I was working in bloody Baqubah as a translator for the US Army.
S & Iraqi Soldiers Engage Al-Qaeda in Baqubah (Summer 06) [Consulta: 25 de mayo de 2016]
3) In Baqubah, the provincial capital, ISI controlled the city center, and the U.
led occupation of Iraq, Baqubah emerged as the scene of some of the heaviest guerrilla warfare and was the site of the most intense fighting during the June 2004 insurgent offensive.
BAGHDAD, Oct 8 (KUNA) -- Around 16 people were killed and 20 others injured by mortar shell attacks in Baqubah city of Diyala province, northeastern the Iraqi capital, Iraqi police said Thursday.
Zarqawi, no entanto, morreu no dia 07 de junho de 2006 em um ataque aereo norte-americano na cidade de Baqubah.
10) Islamic State-led fighters captured the city of Tal Afar west of Mosul on June 16 and reached the outskirts of Baqubah, capital of Diyala, about 38 miles northeast of Baghdad, by June 17.
Muscat: Nineteen Indian nurses stranded in Diyala, the strife-torn capital of the eastern Iraqi province of Baqubah, will be flying home to India today at about 5:30pm, Oman time, one of the nurse's relatives residing in Oman said.
A combination of ISF troops with the Asaib Ahl al Haq militia, controlled by Iranian client Qais Khazali, fought to retake the towns of Muqdadiyah and Jalula near the Iranian border in Diyala on June 14 and 15 (it is unclear what became of Hadi al Amiri's supposed responsibility for the province), but ISIS was able to hold many of its positions and even attack Baqubah, the provincial capital, on June 17.