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(mechanical engineering)
An insulated, cooled compartment.

What does it mean when you dream about a refrigerator?

A refrigerator can represent a nurturing of the spirit as well as sustenance for the body. Opening the refrigerator door and standing there looking in and seeing the refrigerator amply supplied, without having to partake from it, many times reassures a person that what he or she seeks is really there for the taking.


A container and a means of cooling it, such as a commercial refrigerator, service refrigerator, etc.
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Bar fridges are designed with hygiene in mind and are long lasting and durable.
We did retain one `memento' which Tam noticed, however - the antique bar fridge (should you pay us another visit I will turn the control to the coolest setting).
With customers increasingly looking for alcohol-alternatives with clean labels, Folkington's Juices allows bars to maximise on this trend while at the same time benefiting from the attractive standout the range bring to back bar fridges.