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The Ratchet Clamps are pounds 6.99 each and the Bar Clamps are pounds 13.99 each.
* The most significant innovation to come about recently in the area of clamps is the development of one-handed bar clamps. These clamps work with a pistol grip and allow the user to tighten or loosen the clamp by using just one hand on a trigger switch.
You can't get much simpler: a block, with the corners knocked off so dust buildup doesn't throw off the precision, and a slot that fits snug over a little bar clamp. Perfection.
Bend the protruding ends as needed so they fit the saw table snugly, then firmly clamp the frame to the table with a bar clamp. The board side of the frame pressed against the band saw table helps lock the frame to the table when you tighten the clamp.
You'll love this bar clamp rack because you can holster the clamps securely without tightening the lower jaw against the rack.
To get extra torque when you're tightening a bar clamp, try this.
Nicknamed the "curved bar clamp," it costs about $5 at home centers and hardware stores.