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The figure of the crucified Jesus, observed by his mother and a few disciples is contrasted to the peripheral presence of Barabbas. The scene is projected from the perspective of a present in which Jesus has already become a universally known historical figure, highlighting Barabbas' marginality: Everyone knows how they hung there on the crosses, and who they were that stood gathered around him ...
Let us use as our prism four "favorite Gospel topics for Jews: Jesus' Last Supper; his Sanhedrin trial; the "blasphemy" verdict; and his pairing with Barabbas. Our focus must be the Gospel of Mark since on these themes, at least for the most part, Matthew and Luke drew heavily from him, sometimes even word for word.
But unlike Bitter Victory and Wind across the Everglades, King of Kings contains parallels between more than two characters such as Jesus, Lucius, Judas, and Barabbas.
Whatever the nature of Barabbas, crucifying him would have been as horrible as crucifying anyone else.
(75) "I have been a great chief," Kasparson has Barabbas say, "my name shall be remembered." (76) The term chief corresponds to the concept of the due, in light of which, as we have seen, Kasparson conceives himself.
The authors see the wise alien Klaatu in The Day the Earth Stood Still and the plot of The Ten Commandments as championing tougher anti-Communist policies; they see a contrast between Jesus and Barabbas in King of Kings dramatizing rising interest in peacemaking in a Cold War context.
By Roba Gibia October 24, 2008 -- When Pontius Pilate was advised by his aids not to release Barabbas, because he is the really Romans' enemy, sedition and assassin of Roman soldier.
let's just say that when Brian asked the fans, "Do you want another poem or a song?" the shouts of "Song!" rivaled the New Testament crowd's cry of "Free Barabbas!"
Faustus with Simon Magus, The Jew of Malta with Barabbas, and Tamburlaine with St.
There's no doubt the Holby spin-off was unforgivably bad, but surely the likes of Vernon 'Barabbas' Kay has committed far worse crimes against TV.
Along with Barabbas, the foreman in charge of building Stonehenge and Russell Brand, Francome would complete my ideal dinner date.
In the only popularity poll in Jesus' time, he came out second best to Barabbas."