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see John of Damascus, SaintJohn of Damascus, Saint,
or Saint John Damascene
, c.675–c.749, Syrian theologian, Father of the Church and Doctor of the Church. He was brought up at the court of the caliph in Damascus, where his father was an official, and he was educated by a Sicilian monk.
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The Tourism Day also included an activity for cleaning the stream of Barada River, whichwitnessed a wide popular, official and civil participation,in addition to launching a campaign dubbed "Syria.
Residents and opposition sources said the Israeli warplanes struck elite Syrian troops in the valley of the Barada River that flows through Damascus and on Qasioun Mountain overlooking the capital.
The selection includes "Two Cities and a Prison," Soudade Kaadan's award-winning 2008 short that follows a Syrian experimental theater project on tour through rural Syria; Reem Ali's medium-length "Foam," from 2006, about a Syrian family's struggles with memories of detention; "They Were Here," Ammar al-Beik's eight-minute homage to Damascus' now-deserted steam engine plant and Joude Gorani's 2005 short "Before Vanishing" which looks at the glorious history, and precipitous decline, of the Barada River.
The water level in Barada River Basin in Syria has dropped from 50 meters below ground in 1990 to 200 meters at present, the report said.
Water was plentiful in the city of Damascus, with the Barada River and its tributaries providing ample drinking water most years (except when the winter failed to bring enough rain), as studied in detail by Grehan in chapter one ("City and Environment").
Grehan brings into play the Barada River and the Ghuta gardens, the density of urban space, the ravages of famine, disease, and pests, "the natural and technological speed limits" on movement (37), and, of course, the city's regional and imperial networks.
The Barada River, which has fed Damascus for millennia, has been reduced to a trickle, and rationing has been imposed with supplies cut off for 16 hours a day.
Terrorists had cut off the drinking water supplied to Damascus by diverting the water from al-Fijeh spring to Barada River as part of their systematic attacks and acts of vandalism on services sectors in a bid to pressure the people of Damascus.
Furthermore, another usage of the word rahiq is to be found in Hassan ibn Thabit's barada yusaffaqu bi-l-rahiqi l-salsali ("[Being mixed] with the palatable wine, the water of Barada river is decanted").
The calendar includes photographs from Lebanon (waterfalls, the Cedars), Syria (The Barada River in Damascus, a convoy of camels in the desert), Palestine (The Damascus gate in Palestine, the road to Jerusalem from the Yafa gate) and Turkey (The Marseen Port).
Damascus, SANA- Al-Rabweh with its green meadows and the sparkling Barada River which passes acrossthem, is one of the most ancient Damascene parks that has always been a very important destination for those who are searching for tranquility and relaxation.
Damascus, SANA- Minister of Water Resources Kamal al-Sheikha affirmed Sunday the importance of a project to lift pollution from Barada River in Damascus and its countryside, pointing out to the project's useful outcomes in the domains of environment, health and economy.