Barakov, Gino

Barakov, Gino Tekkoevich


Born 1890, in the village of Salugardan, now the city of Alagir, North Ossetia; died 1937. Ossetian Soviet writer. Member of the CPSU after 1918.

After graduation from the Ardon Theological Seminary (1911), Barakov worked as a teacher. He took part in World War I. In 1920–21 he was editor of the first Soviet Ossetian newspaper, Kermen. In 1921 he published a collection of short stories entitled Leader. In the 1920’s, Barakov appeared as both poet and prose writer. The theme of his work centered around the heroism of the Civil War and the affirmation of the new life in a restored Ossetia. He was the author of several songs for youth and the article “On the Nature of Prosody in the Ossetic Language” (1926). He translated from Russian to Ossetic.


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