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Barbary ape:

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, name for Old World monkeys of the genus Macaca, related to mangabeys, mandrills, and baboons. All but one of the 19 species are found in Asia from Afghanistan to Japan, the Philippines, and Borneo.
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Barbary Ape


(Macaca sylvana) or tailless macaque, a monkey of the subfamily Catarrhina. The body is covered with dense reddish yellow fur. The Barbary ape is distributed in northwestern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunis); it is found in Europe only on the Rock of Gibraltar, where there are ten to 15 monkeys (under state protection). The Barbary ape inhabits mountainous regions, sometimes forming large bands. It readily tolerates cold of — 10°C and lower. It feeds on fruits, edible roots, grains, buds, shoots, coniferous seeds, and insects (locusts, beetles, butterflies). Barbary apes are frequently kept in zoos.

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In various regions of the Middle Atlas, the damage caused by Barbary macaques scars the landscape.
Gibraltar has the last wild population of Barbary Macaques in Europe.
Washington, April 22 (ANI): Male Barbary macaques have a better chance of bonding with each other when at least one is hauling around an infant, a new research has found.
Sequence comparison of the hemagglutinin and ATI genes of 19 CPXV rat isolates with the Barbary macaque isolates showed identical sequences, which indicated that rats were the most probable source of infection.
The Barbary macaques, now aged between four and six months, are integrating well at Trentham Monkey Forest, said staff at the 60acre woodland park.
See the barbary macaques at the Monkey Forest Green sea turtle Mary Arden's Farm There's plenty to see and do at Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden over the Whitsun weekend
According to a report by BBC News, Dr Bonaventura Majolo and his PhD student Richard McFarland noticed the unusual behaviour while studying wild barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) living in two troops in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
The monkey enclosure is within the 750-acre Trentham estate which is being regenerated by Trentham Leisure Ltd, and is the only park in the UK where Barbary Macaque monkeys live as they do in the wild.
The Barbary macaque in this case was probably immunocompromised to some degree, as it was aged and in poor physical condition; however, B-dependent splenic follicles were not atrophic.
LIFE at Edinburgh Zoo is brass monkeys - just ask these two chilly barbary macaque apes.
IT'S not everywhere that you stroll through a forest where 140 barbary macaque monkeys are roaming free.
And then there are the apes - a species called Barbary Macaque - who have made the rock their own.