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Barbary ape:

see macaquemacaque
, name for Old World monkeys of the genus Macaca, related to mangabeys, mandrills, and baboons. All but one of the 19 species are found in Asia from Afghanistan to Japan, the Philippines, and Borneo.
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Barbary Ape


(Macaca sylvana) or tailless macaque, a monkey of the subfamily Catarrhina. The body is covered with dense reddish yellow fur. The Barbary ape is distributed in northwestern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunis); it is found in Europe only on the Rock of Gibraltar, where there are ten to 15 monkeys (under state protection). The Barbary ape inhabits mountainous regions, sometimes forming large bands. It readily tolerates cold of — 10°C and lower. It feeds on fruits, edible roots, grains, buds, shoots, coniferous seeds, and insects (locusts, beetles, butterflies). Barbary apes are frequently kept in zoos.

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COCKY WATCH: Even the Barbary Apes on Gibraltar didn't like it
The Barbary ape was the first clinical case of WNV infection in any species recognized at the Toronto Zoo where WNV subsequently caused disease in a variety of avian species.
DIVERSE HISTORY: Gibraltar is well-known for historic attractions including the Barbary Apes (above), and (left) The Great Siege tunnels, and (below left) its picturesque marinas.
However, it is likely that no northern European had seen a living Barbary ape until the late twelfth century, when Portuguese travelers began to bring live specimens north from the tip of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.
Baboons, gorillas, barbary apes, spider monkeys, woolly monkeys, rhesus monkeys, celebes monkeys, celeb monkeys (I'm thinking the one who hung around with Tarzan and that bloke which starred in Every Which Way But Loose), capuchins, tufted capuchins, tamarins, emperor tamarins, langurs, spectacled langurs, mandrills, mangabey, macaques, marmosets, howlers and - the very funkiest of the all, as immortalised by The Goodies' 1975 hit single - the gibbon.
The rock is also home to the Barbary apes who are the colony''s symbol of freedom.
As tourists and Barbary apes scrambled on the slopes above them the troops practised training routines which saw them clear tunnel after tunnel, shaft after shaft, of enemy soldiers.
It has natural beauty, stunning wildlife and the star celebrities -cute, cheeky, tail-less Barbary apes.
Q CUDDLES: Parents make sure that these two little Barbary apes are kept warm as temperatures plummet in Germany's Nuremberg Zoo.
But it's worth the visit, if only to see the Barbary Apes - by braving the cable car up the side of the steep rock.
Now the wildlife is confined to the famous Barbary apes, dolphins and migrating birds using the Rock as a stop-over.