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Barbour, John

(bär`bər), c.1316?–1395, Scottish poet. He was archdeacon of Aberdeen from 1355 until his death. His romance, The Bruce (1375), celebrating Scotland's emancipation from England, recounts the heroic deeds of Robert I and Sir James Douglas. The poem was meant to be read as history and shows remarkable accuracy. Barbour's authorship of a fragmentary Troy-Book and the Buik of Alexander is disputed.
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The company started to thrive and in 1908 Malcolm Barbour, John Barbour's son, produced the first mail-order catalogue.
s philosophical approach does offer reasonable foundations for mutual interaction between the two; nevertheless, it does not take sufficient account of the contemporary scholarship produced by scientists and theologians themselves on this interaction, notably that of Ian Barbour, John Haught, Robert John Russell, and John Polkinghorne.
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