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island (2011 pop. 1,638), 62 sq mi (161 sq km), a dependency of Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda
, independent Commonwealth nation (2015 est. pop. 100,000), 171 sq mi (442 sq km), West Indies, in the Leeward Islands. It consists of the island of Antigua (108 sq mi/280 sq km) and two smaller islands, the more sparsely populated Barbuda (62 sq mi/161 sq
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). Located in the central Leeward Islands, Barbuda lies 25 mi (40 km) N of Antigua. A flat coral island 15 mi (24 km) long and up to 8 mi (13 km) wide, it is dominated by a large lagoon on the northwest. Codrington is the main settlement. Most inhabitants are of African descent and practice Protestantism but are culturally distinct from Antiguans, and as a result some have pressed for independence from the larger, more populous island. Tourism is the most important industry; there also is subsistence farming and agricultural processing.

Inhabited by Caribs and Arawaks, Barbuda was visited by Columbus (1493); Spain and France established settlements before it was colonized by England from Antigua in 1678. The Codrington family held rights to the island from 1685 to the late 19th cent., when it reverted to the British crown, eventually becoming a dependency of Antigua. Under a 19th cent. practice legally codified in 2007, all land on Barbuda has been owned communally. The island suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Luis in 1995, and was devastated by Irma and temporarily evacuated in 2017; most Barbudans are still in shelters on Antigua. A law revoking communal land ownership was enacted in 2018, ostensibly to protect development and help restore the island, but many Barbudans regarded it as a land grab and challenged its legality.


a coral island in the E Caribbean, in the Leeward Islands: part of the independent state of Antigua and Barbuda. Area: 160 sq. km (62 sq. miles)
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She said: "The people of Antigua and Barbuda love the music of Sir Cliff and I'm not surprised he is getting his own stamp.
The isle, with a population of only 1,200, has just one one town, Codrington, where a local said last night: "Employment for people on Barbuda is scarce, so it is important for those people who have a good job to keep it.
He also held a press conference, during which he stressed that it was crucial for middle-income countries such as Antigua and Barbuda to have access to innovative forms of funding, assistance, concessional loans and new bonds, when faced with external shocks of such magnitude.
The communication has been disrupted totally after winds snapped a cell tower in two on the island and the Barbuda residents are living under harsh conditions with no water supply and electricity.
The eye of the storm passed over Barbuda at around 1.
His island tour will mark the 50th anniversary of independence for Barbados, the 50th anniversary of independence for Guyana, and the 35th anniversary of independence for Antigua and Barbuda.
Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), a FATF-style regional body.
During the visit the scouts were hosted at receptions by the Governor of Anguilla and the Governors General of St Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda.
Bulgariaas government on Wednesday gave the green light to Antigua and Barbuda to open a honorary consulate in Sofia.
The Cabinet agreed that an airport hotel will be developed on the site, and the Cabinet further agreed that nationals of Antigua & Barbuda will be invited to invest in this project.