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barcode scanner

A device specialized for reading barcodes and converting them into digital data. Pen scanners, also known as wand scanners, were the first type of scanner developed in the 1970s. The tip of the pen must physically touch the barcode. Later, laser scanners allowed the code to be read at a distance from the head of the device, enabling supermarkets to read round cans and flexible packages more easily. The most common type today is the visible laser diode (VLD) scanner, which emits as many as 50 laser beams simultaneously to capture the image at any angle. See barcode, mobile tagging and point of sale.

Laser Diode Mechanism
A laser diode (1) emits a beam (red) onto a combination of rotating (2) and fixed mirrors (3) that shine multiple beams onto the barcode (4). Although as many as 50 beams may hit the package at different angles, only one is shown in this illustration. The reflected light (yellow) is captured by the collector (5) and aimed at a sensor (6).

The Reflection
The black bars absorb light, while the white bars reflect it. Photo diodes turn the reflected light into an electrical signal, which is converted into digital pulses.

Scanning a Package in Staples
Modern omnidirectional scanners make it easy to capture the code at all angles with less precision required on the part of the human operator.

The CueCat - A Most Unusual Barcode Scanner
As the Web was exploding at the turn of the century, this scanner was created to give businesses a Web presence. Connected to the PC, users could scan a printed Cat code and quickly get a Web page. Another part of the system was software for the PC that had to be connected to the audio output of a TV. It would listen for special Cue signals and deliver the Web page. With four million CueCats given away and $185 million invested, the Dallas, Texas-based firm fizzled to nothing in a short time.
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ORPALIS Imaging Technologies released an updated version of their free scanning tool Virtual Barcode Reader, along with a brand new website dedicated to the productivity tool.
The miniiSED measurement of ESR is fast, accurate, and unaffected by variables associated with traditional methodologies, such as hematocrit This single position, fully automated ESR analyzer works directly from primary EDTA tubes or BD Microtainer MAP Microtubes, requires 100 microliters of sample, has an internal barcode reader, and produces results in 15 seconds.
A 55-year-old customer from north Wales was left shocked after an 'oversensitive' barcode reader reflected Au4billion (Dh19 million approx) as price for a bottle of eye drops.
XPAND.CODES Reader is a free multi barcode reader that can read QR/XPAND/EAN codes quickly and with precision.
The ultracompact ABR 3000 is a feature-rich barcode reader that fits in very small spaces and solves a range of barcode reading applications.
The FZ-T1 delivers fast, easy barcode scanning with an integrated barcode reader and high-speed connectivity that ensure it can integrate with the most detailed and comprehensive resource management systems and databases.
Touch or voice controls eliminate the need for a standalone barcode reader, while incorrect items are shown in red to help decrease errors.
* Optional features include bin double inclination, remote control panel for the automatic programming and printing of process parameters by PLC + touch screen + printer, a barcode reader for batch automatic identification, and the ability to handle non-standard bins.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-July 29, 2013-Cognex gets logistics barcode reader orders totaling USD1m(C)1994-2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
For fusion data input, a barcode reader pen or a scanner is connected; manual entry can also be configured.
1 / Zone 1 locations consists of a barcode reader connected via a junction box to the Host PC, which can be located up to 150 meters away in the safe area.