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barcode scanner

A device specialized for reading barcodes and converting them into digital data. Pen scanners, also known as wand scanners, were the first type of scanner developed in the 1970s. The tip of the pen must physically touch the barcode. Later, laser scanners allowed the code to be read at a distance from the head of the device, enabling supermarkets to read round cans and flexible packages more easily. The most common type today is the visible laser diode (VLD) scanner, which emits as many as 50 laser beams simultaneously to capture the image at any angle. See barcode, mobile tagging and point of sale.

Laser Diode Mechanism
A laser diode (1) emits a beam (red) onto a combination of rotating (2) and fixed mirrors (3) that shine multiple beams onto the barcode (4). Although as many as 50 beams may hit the package at different angles, only one is shown in this illustration. The reflected light (yellow) is captured by the collector (5) and aimed at a sensor (6).

The Reflection
The black bars absorb light, while the white bars reflect it. Photo diodes turn the reflected light into an electrical signal, which is converted into digital pulses.

Scanning a Package in Staples
Modern omnidirectional scanners make it easy to capture the code at all angles with less precision required on the part of the human operator.
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0 of its Barcode Reader software development kit (SDK), which has added a PDF rasterizer to decode 1D and 2D barcodes from PDF documents.
Tenders are invited for DCA Vantage Analyzer with Barcode Reader, Thermal Labels and Paper Rolls
The KeyStation, comprised of a nine-inch digital touch screen, a 2D barcode reader and a keycard encoder/stacker, offers many important benefits for both hoteliers and guests, including:* Compatible with both magstripe and RFID keycards, as well as lo- yalty cards;* Interfaced with 18 different key card manufacturers;* Easily portable for use as a coun- tertop unit or free-standing pedestal;* Simplifies the check-in exper- ience for today's web-savvy guests;* Provides added convenience and saves guests valuable time;* Optimises front desk operations;* Complements and supports e-check-in strategies;* Creates strong differentiating factor recognised as a main dri- ver of loyalty and* Integrates consistent user inter face and branding.
The DataMan 500 camera based barcode reader can: Read the 1D and 2D barcodes that laser scanners cannot with IDMax decoding technology; acquire images at rates of up to 1000 frames/second through Cognex proprietary imaging technology.
Other features include a two-megapixel camera, docking station, AC power connector, built-in RFID reader and a barcode reader.
Each ingredient can be logged into the CR600XP control system via a barcode reader and every complete batch can be provided with a barcode on leaving the system for integration into a material tracking system, according to the manufacturer.
Operators input text from the keyboard, barcode reader or external RS-232 input.
The barcode reader can substitute for guards at gates and allows tenants or residents to access the facility faster.
The BA-200 Barcode Reader has earned Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard 294 access control system certification.
The Tandberg LTO-2 10-cartridge autoloader includes an integrated air filter for dust protection, a removable magazine for easy storage management and an optional barcode reader.
Text is input from the keyboard, barcode reader, or external RS-232 input.
Identica handheld data capture units consisting of a PocketPC with integrated or connected barcode reader, with option to scan the new Data Matrix, PDF, and RSS/Composite barcode types.