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see BardiyahBardiyah
or Bardia
, town, NE Libya, a port on the Mediterranean Sea, near the Egyptian border. During World War II it was the most strongly defended Italian position in the British campaign (Dec., 1940–Feb., 1941) in Libya.
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, Libya.
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Tiger Mountain, through its properties in Chitwan and Bardia, has contributed not only by giving material and operational support to the ITNC, but by introducing guests on its Save the Tiger tour to tiger jungles and, through low-impact safari methods refined over more than 30 years, shown the majority of Himalayan Kingdoms' guests wild tigers in an undisturbed atmosphere.
Even those sympathetic to Orual, such as her loyal soldier Bardia, acknowledge her ugliness, as when he remarks to another soldier that "it's a pity about her face" for she is otherwise a good soul (92).
In addition to Soleimani, the others accused in the case are Reyhaneh Taravati, Neda Motameni, Afshin Sohrabi, Bardia Moradi, Roham Shamekhi, and Sepideh, for whom no last name is available.
2009: Sampling tiger ungulate prey by the distance method: lessons learned in Bardia National Park, Nepal.
Bardia Khajenoori, 16, of Daytona Beach, Florida, began his online campaign last week after learning of Ashley's plan to sell-off the naming rights to the ground.
The tiger numbers have increased in Chitwan but decreased in Bardia and Shuklaphanta," said Anil Manandhar, Country Representative, WWF Nepal.
Lewis will answer that question about his wise warrior, Orual, for it is her father's leader of the palace guard, Bardia, who recognizes her strengths, her valor, her determination, and her ability to lead.
The explosion reportedly occurred when the rebels stopped for a drink at a local house in the Bardia district, destroying a two-story house.
The hostility between Berryman, Vasey, Robertson, and Savige was brought out during the battle for Bardia.
The valley's lower areas are within Royal Bardia National Park and the upper areas were recently gazetted as a national park extension but include communities living in a buffer zone along the river.