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(building construction)


A trim board used on the edge of gables where the roof extends over the wall; it either covers the rafter or occupies the place of a rafter. Originally it was ornately carved.



in architecture, including Russian wooden folk architecture, a board that is usually carved on the facade of a structure that protects the butt ends of the roof planking from moisture.

bargeboard, gableboard, vergeboard

A board which hangs from the projecting end of a
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There are strong counter-clockwise vortical structures (looking from downstream on the left side of the car) under the floor that are created by the silly plate (or tray) and bargeboard footplate.
A pair of bargeboards that serve as Kupe's welcoming arms fork from gable almost to ground.
The Richmond has a sort of Victorian look with its decorative bargeboard detail and gable finials.
The housetype also has the classic Bryant looks that have become a trademark: decorative bargeboard detailing to the three front gables and Victorian-inspired porch with timber side balustrade.
We've got bargeboards and aerodynamic devices blocking the chassis side and now we've got this big engine fin that blocks the rear wing.
We've got bargeboards and aerodynamic devices blocking the chassis side and now we've got this big engine fin that blocks the rear wing, so that was really more of a case of starting to free up some commercial locations on the race car.
The car's enhanced aerodynamics come from a number of additions including a new lightweight rear wing, front splitter, bargeboards and rear diffuser contributing to 125kg of downforce at 140mph.
The boathouse was constructed in 1893 and is a stunning architectural landmark for the area, with stone walls surrounded by decoratively tiled roofs and ornate bargeboards.
Replacement of existing roof coverings, fascias, soffits, bargeboards and rainwater goods, re-rendering of external wall elevations, remedial repairs to roof timbers and masonry, replacement entrance canopies and porches, and environmental improvements such as fencing and external paving.
The gables are finished with patterned shingles, decorative bargeboards, and checkerboard woodwork imitating stone work.
Visitors walk under the bargeboards of a wharenui (traditional Maori meeting house) decorated in whale-like patterns and topped with a carving of a whale rider.
Its four bold dormers front and back set low with bargeboards are similar to Weaver's '20 cottages in groups of 5 on the estate of J.