Barium Chloride

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barium chloride

[′bar·ē·əm ′klȯr‚īd]
(inorganic chemistry)
BaCl2 A toxic salt obtained as colorless, water-soluble cubic crystals, melting at 963°C; used as a rat poison, in metal surface treatment, and as a laboratory reagent.

Barium Chloride


BaCl2, a salt that exists under normal conditions in the form of colorless crystals of the dihydrate Ba02·2H2O with a density of 3.1 g/cm3. It loses water on heating to 100° C. Anhydrous barium chloride melts at 960° C. It is highly soluble in water (35.7 g per 100 g H20 at 20° C). Barium chloride is produced by roasting a mixture of barite, coal, and calcium chloride in combustion furnaces. It is used to combat agricultural pests and as a weighting and clarifying compound in tanning. Alloys of barium chloride with chlorides of alkali and alkali earth metals are used in the tempering and quenching of steel.

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Barium chloride, as cross-linking agent, was found to improve the drug load as it produced porous microbeads than that calcium chloride as cross-linking agent.
Table 1: Formulation Table Processing parameters Formulation Sweet potato Sodium Ibuprofen code flour (mg) alginate (mg) (m g) F1 100 200 100 F2 200 200 100 F3 100 200 50 F4 100 200 150 F5 100 200 100 F6 100 200 100 F7 100 200 100 F8 100 200 100 F9 100 200 100 F10 100 200 100 F11 100 200 100 Formulation Cross linking Stirring Curing code agent (%w/v) speed (rpm) time (hrs) F1 8 200 1 F2 8 * 200 1 F3 8 * 200 1 F4 8 * 200 1 F5 5 * 200 1 F6 12 * 200 1 F7 8 ** 200 1 F8 8 *** 200 1 F9 8 * 300 1 F10 8 * 200 6 F11 8 * 200 12 * Calcium chloride, ** Barium chloride, *** Aluminium sulfate Table 2: Effect of various processing parameters on the particle size and drug entrapment efficiency of ibuprofen-loaded microbe ads.
The antispasmodic activity of methanol, ethyl acetate and chloroform extracts and pure compounds, Bakkenolide and reference drug Alverine, were studied against two spasmogenic substances: acetylcholine (Ach) and barium chloride (Ba[Cl.
Spasmolytic effect of different extracts from Hertia cheirifolia induced by acetylcholine and barium chloride on isolated rat duodenum.
The extracts and substances were allowed to act on the preparations for 5 min, and afterwards the agonists such as barium chloride were cumulatively added and were allowed to reach a steady state at each concentration.
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