Barium Chloride

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barium chloride

[′bar·ē·əm ′klȯr‚īd]
(inorganic chemistry)
BaCl2 A toxic salt obtained as colorless, water-soluble cubic crystals, melting at 963°C; used as a rat poison, in metal surface treatment, and as a laboratory reagent.
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Barium Chloride


BaCl2, a salt that exists under normal conditions in the form of colorless crystals of the dihydrate Ba02·2H2O with a density of 3.1 g/cm3. It loses water on heating to 100° C. Anhydrous barium chloride melts at 960° C. It is highly soluble in water (35.7 g per 100 g H20 at 20° C). Barium chloride is produced by roasting a mixture of barite, coal, and calcium chloride in combustion furnaces. It is used to combat agricultural pests and as a weighting and clarifying compound in tanning. Alloys of barium chloride with chlorides of alkali and alkali earth metals are used in the tempering and quenching of steel.

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The resulting dispersion was added manually drop wise with a 10 ml syringe (needle) into 100 ml of calcium chloride solution (5%, 8% and 12%) or barium chloride solution or Aluminium sulfate solution by stirring via a mechanical stirrer.
Barium chloride, as cross-linking agent, was found to improve the drug load as it produced porous microbeads than that calcium chloride as cross-linking agent.
Acute renal failure associated with barium chloride poisoning.
In the same way, barium chloride must break up into three ions, and so on.
Barium chloride (Ba[Cl.sub.2] x 2[H.sub.2]O, 99%) and oxalic acid ([C.sub.2][H.sub.2][O.sub.4] x 2[H.sup.2]O, 99%) were obtained from Riedel-deHaen (Sigma-Aldrich, USA).
The results were normalized to 100% (maximum effect of either acetylcholine or barium chloride alone).
Chemicals used were: Acetylcholine chloryste (Fluka AG), Barium chloride (Fluka AG), Atropine (Fluka AG ), Alverine (Sigma).
4 shows the potassium chloride (A) and barium chloride induced (B) contraction curve of guinea-pig ileum in the absence and presence of Plantago extract.
Some of the prominent Indian products removed from the duty-free provisions of the GSP include dried pigeon pea seed; areca nuts, fresh or dried, in shell; turpentine gum; mangoes, prepared or preserved by vinegar or acetic acid; sandstone, merely cut into blocks or slabs of a rectangular (including square) shape; tin chlorides; barium chlorides; salts and esters of tartaric acid, nesoi; and trimethyl phosphite.