barn owl

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barn owl

any owl of the genus Tyto, esp T. alba, having a pale brown and white plumage, long slender legs, and a heart-shaped face: family Tytonidae

Barn Owl


(Tyto alba), a bird of the order Strigiformes. The barn owl is 33–35 cm long and weighs about 350 g. The body is rusty gray with black and white spots above and whitish or rust-colored below, sometimes with dark flecks. The barn owl is distributed in Western Europe, South Asia, Australia, North and South America, and the western parts of the USSR—from Latvia to Moldavia. A settled bird, it inhabits the garrets of abandoned buildings and, less commonly, tree hollows. A clutch usually contains four to six eggs; occasionally as many as ten or 11 eggs are laid. The eggs are incubated by the female for 32 to 34 days. The barn owl feeds on shrews, rodents, large insects, and—less commonly—birds and bats. It is valuable as a predator of rodents.

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One of the stolen birds, a barn owl, was later found in a Bushbury garden.
With many former barns being converted into holiday accommodation or refurbished, nesting sites for barn owls are becoming increasingly scarce.
According to studies, a pair of barn owls consumes over four to five thousand rodents per year," the news release said.
Since Barn Owls can be semi-colonial, and breed quite close to each other and to other bird species, it is not surprising that they could also be communal breeders.
But whatever your views, Diablo, the six-week old American barn owl, is already proving a popular attraction at the Redcar wildlife sanctuary.
It was reported recently that last year there were fewer barn owls in the UK than at any time since records began.
YWT chief executive Rob Stoneman said: "Since launching this appeal we have had a large number of responses from the public, landowners and farmers who are keen to help barn owls.
The barn owl was then taken from a nearby aviary before the thieves made their escape.
MacKenzie also hit and kicked an eagle owl and held a barn owl by its wing before hurling it to the ground.
In Pennsylvania, barn owls have been associated mostly with southern tier counties and have been classified as a "maintenance concern" species in the state's Wildlife Action Plan since 2006.
And next in line to take on his expertise is two-and-a-half-year-old Maggie, whose latest fluffy friend is a barn owl chick called Jenny.
She identified it as a barn owl and estimated it at 60 days old.