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The research was supported by the Barnstable County Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, and Woods Hole Sea Grant.
Following the shark attack, Ron Beaty, the commissioner for Barnstable County, said that shark culling was important and the process had been beneficial in South Africa and Australia.
Robert Myrick of Robert Myrick Photography posted this video about Falmouth, a historic town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, in July 2013.
Bank of Cape Cod was founded in 2006 and currently has four Barnstable County bank branches, approximately USD 214m in deposits, and approximately USD 229m in loans.
Then on the way back, I approached two characters dressed in black expensive-looking suits with coffees, bought at Nirvana, no doubt heading back to their law office, for who else in these boonies would be wearing such attire if not lawyers, and a number of law offices were in the near vicinity, for the Barnstable County Courthouse was across the street from Nirvana "Well, lawyers against freedom of speech issues, bravo
The state needs to step up to the plate,'' said Larry Dapsis, deer-tick project coordinator and entomologist for Barnstable County, which funds the state's only county tick-education program.
Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) Barnstable County, Mass.
CLF took legal action to protect Cape Cod's legendary waterways, urging the EPA and Barnstable County to update and oversee a plan to reduce nitrogen pollution to meet water quality standards, as required by the Clean Water Act.
US mobile network operator Verizon Wireless has announced it has activated a new cell site in Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
We the People was a key partner in creating the Cape Care resolution campaign, and many WHIPF members continue to provide organizing energy and leadership for this effort to create the first single payer system in the nation--and for the creation two years ago of the Barnstable County Human Rights Commission.
On top: A hat saying: "USS Barnstable County LST-1197.