Barocci, Federigo

Barocci or Baroccio, Federigo

(fādārē`gō bärôt`chē, –chō), c.1530–1612, Italian painter, b. Urbino, where he was continually employed throughout his life. In the 1550s he traveled to Rome and was influenced by the art of Raphael, Michelangelo, and Taddeo Zuccaro. His mature works reflect baroque tendencies. Noted for his skill as a portraitist, he also executed a small number of important engravings. Among his more notable achievements are Saint Sebastian (c.1557; cathedral, Urbino), frescoes (1561–63) in the Vatican, and The Last Supper (1592–99; Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome). A large collection of his drawings is in the Uffizi.


See monograph by H. Olsen (repr., 1962).

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