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So-called wheel or banjo barometers, named after their shape, have an indicator on a dial, operated by a float rising and falling on the surface of the mercury.
In a classroom, I would tape the gauge to a wall in order for students to regularly mark the gauge and observe how weather changes as the barometer needle rises and sinks.
Dr Harvey said: "In the early days of the recession of 2008, 85% of respondents still viewed the North East as providing an excellent business environment." Read full analysis of the barometer on Pages 34 and 39
Banjo examples from the same period will be cheaper, at about pounds 500 upwards, while Victorian aneroid barometers range from pounds 100-pounds 450.
Figure 1 shows a typical face of a barometer you may already have in your home.
Britain's barometer industry is 400 years old and there is no recorded case of mercurial poisoning, in all that time, from the instruments.
In the late 18th and early 19th centuries the manufacture of barometers and other scientific instruments, especially for instruments for use in the shipping industry, boomed in both Liverpool and Manchester - there were mercury wheel barometers, stick barometers and Fortin barometers.
Under base case assumptions, the barometers (readings are as of November 2, 2001) span from 38.8% for HY bond deals to 23.0% for multi-sector CDOs, and under the stressed case scenarios, the barometers range from 28.8% for HY bond deals to 15.5% for multi-sector CDOs.
The consultation concerns the construction of three barometers on behalf of the national energy ombudsman: - mediation satisfaction barometer: telephone survey on consumer satisfaction with the national energy ombudsman, - satisfaction barometer energie-info: telephone survey on the satisfaction of consumers who contacted the energie-info information service, - market opening barometer: telephone survey on the opening of the natural gas and electricity retail markets for residential customers.
This is the principle behind the early "stick" barometers where the level is read near the top of the tube against a register plate.
America's fastest growing companies that market their products and services internationally anticipate higher 1992 growth rates than companies concentrating only on domestic markets, according to Coopers & Lybrand's latest "Trendsetter Barometers" survey.
The tender concerns the purchase of two types of barometers. The first type is a basic version that counts and displays the number of cyclists on simple light displays.