Barons, Krišjanis

Barons, Krišjānis


Born Oct. 31, 1835, in Strutelskaia volost (small rural district), Latvia; died Mar. 8, 1923, in Riga. Latvian folklorist, writer, and public figure.

Barons was a collector of Latvian folk songs and the real editor of the first progressive Latvian newspaper, Péterburgas Avizes, 1862–65. Barons, Iu. Alunāns, and K. Valdemārs led a so-called young Latvians’ movement. Barons wrote stories, poems, and satires (the dialogue Pecis un Jecis, and others). In 1867 he moved to Moscow. Barons prepared the publication Latvian Folk Songs (vols. 1–6, 1894–1915), a remarkable monument of Latvian folk art.


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