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see Western ProvinceWestern Province,
province (1990 pop. 607,497), c.63,000 sq mi (163,170 sq km), W Zambia. The capital is Mongu. The area, covered mostly by savanna, is drained by the Zambezi River. Livestock and grain are raised, and teak is produced. In the early 19th cent.
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11) sowel as met topografiese kaarte oor Barotseland en ander gebiede teen die Zambezirivier (p.
Dink jy ek het Barotseland toe gekom om verantwoordelik te voei vir almal se skete en kwale en hongersnood?
And also because Caprivi's political, economic and socio-cultural history has been that of the Lozi people of Barotseland, now part of Western Zambia, and not that of the Ovambo or other groups in Namibia today.
In terms of the ecological conditions of the region, Caprivi has nothing whatsoever in common with the rest of Namibia and everything in common with the old Lozi kingdom of Barotseland to the north, of which Caprivi was part.
Please SADC leaders, if you want unity in the region, you should resolve the Barotseland issue now.
The people of Barotseland are denied the right to freely choose their own traditional leaders without government armed interference, or get a fair share of their own natural resources.
By the end of season 2008, Barotseland in Zambia, Southern Angola and northern Namibia were saturated.
The Transforming Gospel: The Mission of Francois Coillard and Basuto Evangelists in Barotseland.
In 1937, she married Gervas Clay,provincial commissioner of the Barotseland Protectorate in North Rhodesia.
Their project in Zambia involved assessing the tourism potential of the kingdom of Barotseland, home of the Lozi people, and recommending an initial development plan to the king and his royal cabinet.
Kinship and partnership united Elie and Harry Susman when they crossed the Zambezi from the south in 1901 and travelled north to buy cattle from King Lewanika in Barotseland.