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see Western ProvinceWestern Province,
province (1990 pop. 607,497), c.63,000 sq mi (163,170 sq km), W Zambia. The capital is Mongu. The area, covered mostly by savanna, is drained by the Zambezi River. Livestock and grain are raised, and teak is produced. In the early 19th cent.
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Students came to Morija from many parts of Lesotho, the Free State, the Transvaal, Mozambique and Barotseland. Others, like D.
Among them was the Church of Barotseland, which had its origins in the work of the "Paris Evangelical Mission" (PEM) with its mainly French and Swiss missionaries.
The agreement provided for some semiautonomous status of Barotseland. But in 1969, five years after independence, the government enacted the Local Government Act, which outlawed the agreement.
On 4 November 1901, the governor-general of Angola, Francisco Cabral Moncada, (3) commissioned an investigation into an incident involving the movements of a trader of Portuguese background, Ca Luiz, across the uncertain borders in the disputed area east of the Kwanza River, remote from any colonial administration, be it from Angola, the Free State of the Congo, or Barotseland, then claimed by the British South Africa Company.
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Kinship and partnership united Elie and Harry Susman when they crossed the Zambezi from the south in 1901 and travelled north to buy cattle from King Lewanika in Barotseland. The brothers had recently travelled to Africa from their home in the Russian Empire.
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Their project in Zambia involved assessing the tourism potential of the kingdom of Barotseland, home of the Lozi people, and recommending an initial development plan to the king and his royal cabinet.
In 1937, she married Gervas Clay,provincial commissioner of the Barotseland Protectorate in North Rhodesia.