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"We're asking the armed forces to help us end the usurpation and join the people," unemployed 53-year-old Dina Alonso told AFP as a group of women unsuccessfully attempted to pass on to the National Guard in Barquisimeto a document containing Guaido's proclamation to the military to abandon Maduro.
By late Friday afternoon, the coffins with the players' bodies had arrived in Antonio Herrera Gutierrez stadium in Barquisimeto where they were received amid tears by their teammates.
Both Valbuena and Castillo played in the Venezuelan winter league for the Cardenales, the home team for Barquisimeto, capital of Lara state.
Haity Moussatche (UNIHM), Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias, Universidad Centroccidental "Lisandro Alvarado" (UCLA), Barquisimeto (Lara, Venezuela).
Barquisimeto: Edicion conjunta Fundacion Buria y Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador, 2007.
This scale seeks to measure out: positive life meaning, satisfaction with life, personal fulfillment and the joy of living; in order to understand the happiness of workers in a sample of 295 employees from 17 service companies located in Barquisimeto, Lara State, Venezuela.
More recently, protests formed outside the home of Archbishop Antonio Lopez Castillo of Barquisimeto, after he had spoken against the government and its socialist project.
Serum aliquots were stored at -40[degrees] C, placed in dry ice and transported to the Cardiometabolic Unit 7 in Barquisimeto, and stored at -40[degrees]C until analyses were performed.
esta ampliamente distribuida en bufalos de agua sacrificados en el Matadero Industrial Centroccidental, Barquisimeto, estado Lara, con una frecuencia de infeccion alta.