Barrett, Elizabeth

Barrett, Elizabeth:

see BrowningBrowning, Elizabeth Barrett,
1806–61, English poet, b. Durham. A delicate and precocious child, she spent a great part of her early life in a state of semi-invalidism. She read voraciously—philosophy, history, literature—and she wrote verse.
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, Elizabeth Barrett.
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Michael Evans, Nykola Smith, Carl Barrett, Elizabeth Carlyle and Shaun Johnson received jail terms of from 15 months to 28 months, totalling almost nine years, after being targeted by a four-month undercover operation.
She points to other female writers--"Jane Austen, Fanny Trollope, the Brontes, Elizabeth Barrett, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot"--who succeeded as authors "in spite of husbands, children, demanding or forbidding fathers, or sheer poverty and discouragement" (104).
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