Barrier Beach

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barrier beach

[′bar·ē·ər ‚bēch]
A single, long, narrow ridge of sand which rises slightly above the level of high tide and lies parallel to the shore, from which it is separated by a lagoon. Also known as offshore beach.
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Barrier Beach


a strip of alluvial land that separates a lagoon or liman from the sea. Formed by the surf and by wave action that results in longitudinal (along the shore) or transverse shifting of detritus, it is composed of sand, pebble gravel, or shell material. An example of a large barrier beach is the Arabat Tongue, which separates the Sivash Lagoon from the Sea of Azov.

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CLF unsuccessfully opposed this project, arguing that installing public water and sewer lines to the Island would induce new residential development on the fragile barrier beach and further threaten its integrity.
The property includes rivers, woods, freshwater and saltwater marshes, barrier beaches and a rustic island.
-See the 6-mile-long barrier beach, a nesting site for piping plovers during summer and some of the most extensive and scenic sand dunes in New England; Great Marsh is one of the most extensive salt marshes in Massachusetts.
MA to replant salt marsh plants on barrier beaches; and Merrimack, NH to provide critical funding to remove an abandoned inland dam.
The final essay, which seemed to grow out of the marram grass along the barrier beaches of the Northumberland Strait, traces the connection between the Heart Sutra and poetry.
In the knowledgeable company of naturalist Edie Ray, we covered more than ten miles of remote barrier beaches, climbed Great Point Lighthouse and had fascinating close-up views of piping plovers and oyster catchers.
Sea turtles nest on the barrier beaches along the southeast coast; manatees dodge powerboats in the waters of Florida.
The color of dry sand, piping plovers prefer barrier beaches and spits for nesting.
These include the Endangered Species Act;(3) section 404 of the Clean Water Act, which protects wetlands from development;(4) the Coastal Zone Management Act, which encourages states to pass laws to protect barrier beaches;(5) and various historic preservation laws to preserve properties whether developed or not.(6)
Moulton's interest in rip current science traces back to her childhood summers running around the barrier beaches of Chatham, Mass., with her sister and cousins.
Last year's blizzard hit with hammer blows on barrier beaches, opening big holes in Chatham and Truro, and tearing away chunks of land the way a kid rips into a birthday cake.