Barrier Beach

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barrier beach

[′bar·ē·ər ‚bēch]
A single, long, narrow ridge of sand which rises slightly above the level of high tide and lies parallel to the shore, from which it is separated by a lagoon. Also known as offshore beach.

Barrier Beach


a strip of alluvial land that separates a lagoon or liman from the sea. Formed by the surf and by wave action that results in longitudinal (along the shore) or transverse shifting of detritus, it is composed of sand, pebble gravel, or shell material. An example of a large barrier beach is the Arabat Tongue, which separates the Sivash Lagoon from the Sea of Azov.

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CLF is pressing the state to curb potentially damaging development on Plum Island, an 8-mile barrier beach island near the New Hampshire border.
newspaper announced last week that a proposed Army Corps of Engineers Plan to build dunes along a barrier beach wouldn't protect homes from a Katrina sized storm, implying, "Why bother if we are doomed anyway?
The road runs along a thin barrier beach that fronts Oyster Pond and Salt Pond.
See barrier beach with sandy beachfront, sand dunes, salt marsh and estuary; it's a great place for birdwatching in winter and spring and a good spot to find snowy owls in winter.