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see exchangeexchange,
mutual transfer of goods, money, services, or their equivalents; also the marketplace where such transfer occurs, such as a stock exchange or a commodity exchange (see commodity market).
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in civil law, one of the forms of contract whereby the parties exchange property for other property. After the barter contract is executed, each of the parties loses the right of ownership to the property transferred and acquires that right to the property received. The similarity between the barter contract, which involves the compensated transfer of ownership of property, and the contract of sale and purchase means that many of the rules relating to the contract of sale and purchase can be applied to the barter contract (a procedure established in Soviet legislation).

Barter originated as a primitive form of commodity exchange but was supplanted by sale and purchase and has generally become insignificant. Under Soviet law the barter contract usually is concluded between citizens, but it may also be made between cooperative and other public organizations. A barter contract involving state organizations may be concluded in cases specifically envisioned by the laws of the USSR and the Union republics.


trade by the exchange of goods
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Nor did it trace the genesis of a medium of exchange backward in time, via the kind of analysis Mises would later provide in the regression theorem Rather, Menger's contribution was to provide an empirical and historical analysis of the origin of money, specifically when it arises from a pure barter economy.
This is a standard result in international trade literature within a barter economy context.
Tobin's error comes from viewing a monetary economy as simply a barter economy with money.
In a pure barter economy as considered in Li [1998], when only high-quality output is produced, middlemen get the same payoff as producers but they need to pay cost [Delta] for the quality-testing technology.
75], "the limiting position that we have defined as a barter economy is one in which there exists the same real quantity of money as in a money economy.
Slavery-related practices, typically flowing from ancestral master-slave relationships, also continue in isolated areas where a barter economy exists.
2] = 0, as it is the case in any barter economy, then [Gamma] = 0, resulting in the familiar condition MDRS = p.
Our version is specifically designed to demonstrate the limitations and inefficiencies of the traditional barter economy and to emphasize the role of money as a medium of exchange, unit of account, and store of value.
It's unofficial, but a week of reading Gulf News leads to one reasonable conclusion: we are in a barter economy.
As CFO, Ray will oversee the expansion of the BarterTrust Network, assist in the development of regulations governing the barter economy, and promote those currencies that are used within the BarterTrust Network which today include the BarterTrust Dollar (BT$) in the United States, the BarterTrust Canadian Dollar in Canada and the BarterTrust Mexican Peso in Mexico.
The ability to cross-border trade for the first time in the history of the barter industry is true evidence of a global barter economy.
Christensen, president and CEO of the Company, stated, "Sacramento is one of the most prominent centers of trade commerce in the global barter economy.