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Inflammation of Bartholin's glands and/or their ducts which is caused by bacteria from feces or a sexually transmitted infection, such as gonorrhea.



inflammation of the efferent ducts of the Bartholin glands (named for K. Bartholin, who discovered them), located near the entrance to the vagina. Most commonly, bartholinitis is caused by the gonococcus and, in that case, becomes a lingering disease. Clogging of the ducts, which occurs because of inflammation, and retention of pus cause severe pain in the perineum; there is considerable swelling near the entrance to the vagina (usually unilateral); and body temperature rises. Treatment consists in administering anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications and, if the course is progressive, surgery.

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I felt saying you're She was told she didn't have herpes but that the lump on her vagina was a blocked gland known as a bartholin's cyst.
Treatment of Bartholin's cyst and abscess: excision versus silver nitrate insertion.
FOLLOWING SURGERY to excise a Bartholin's cyst from her labium, a patient developed first one hematoma and then a second, each of which was excised in turn.