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Bartholomaeus Anglicus:

see Bartholomew de GlanvilleBartholomew de Glanville
or Bartholomaeus Anglicus
, fl. c.1250, English Friar Minor. He taught theology at Paris, and he was the author of De proprietatibus rerum (first pub. c.1470), a famous medieval encyclopedia of natural history.
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It is amusing to find Ranulph Higden, the fourteenth-century translator of Bartholomeus Anglicus as well as a certain amount of historiography, being referred to as one of the Ancients of the city.
Hiatt traces out the slow adoption of alphabetization as the main way that authors organized knowledge about the natural world, suggesting that Bartholomeus Anglicus was the first author to alphabetize elements in a discussion of geography.
Reference Works: Legal, Cartographic, Lexicographic and Other Guillelmus de Sancto Amore [Opera] Bartholomeus Anglicus De proprietatibus rerum Bartholomaeus Cassaneus Catalogus gloriae mundi David Chytraeus Natalis Comes [Mythologiae] * Mathaeus Dresser Isagoges historicae (Leipzig, 1594) Francesco Filelfo Robert Gaguin Les gestes romaines Galfridus Grammaticus Proptarum parvulorum sive clericorum "Hipomanus" (untraced; hagiographer?
Varios son los ejemplos que se hicieron eco de ese nuevo sentir, entre los mas representativos sobresalen: De diversis artibus, del monje Theofilus (1130), Imago mundi, de Honorius Augustodinensis (1130), Summa de vitiis et virtutibus, de Raoul Ardent (1192-1193), De naturis rerum, de Alejandro de Neckham (1203-1213), De proprietatibus rerum, de Bartholomeus Anglicus (1230-1240), De naturis rerum, de Tomas de Cantimpre (1244), Speculum maius (1244-1259), de Vicente de Beauvais, etc.
The learning conducted through the encyclopedia of Vincent of Beauvais, Neckham, Bartholomeus Anglicus [.
From this investigation it becomes plain that James had a very considerable interest and expertise in canon law, both the basic texts and also the commentators, though Bartholomeus Anglicus was the single most utilized source.
Frontispiece of text in Bartholomeus Anglicus, Batman vppon Bartholome His Booke De Proprietatibus Rerum, Newly Corrected, Enlarged and Amended: With such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English (London: Thomas East, 1581).