Bartolommeo Colleoni

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Colleoni, Bartolommeo


Born 1400 in Solza, near Bergamo; died 1476 in Malpaga, near Bergamo. Italian condottiere.

Colleoni served under Queen Joan II of Naples and Filippo Maria Visconti, the duke of Milan. He spent a great part of his life in the service of Venice, becoming the generale capitano (commander in chief) in 1454. In accordance with Colleoni’s will, the money that he left to Venice was used to erect a monument in his honor (sculptor, Andrea del Verrocchio; unveiled in 1496).

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I only know that in the afternoon, when the air was aglow with the sunset, I was standing before the church of Saints John and Paul and looking up at the small square-jawed face of Bartolommeo Colleoni, the terrible condottiere who sits so sturdily astride of his huge bronze horse, on the high pedestal on which Venetian gratitude maintains him.
Ludovico's return to Milan in September 1479 revitalized the plans for the bronze, as did the deliberations of the Venetian Senate in July 1479 on the erection of a comparable statue in honor of the condottiere Bartolommeo Colleoni of Bergamo, for which Verrocchio, Leonardo's teacher, was subsequently invited to submit a model.
(98) Moving from the microcosm of the nude riders that decorate the saddle to the Gattamelata as a whole, the ensemble is a massive, compact group, especially compared (as it inevitably has been) to Verrocchio's later equestrian statue of the Bergamasque general Bartolommeo Colleoni (d.