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In large cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, diwans and majlis are becoming rare, while Barzas are spreading widely in the Western Region, thus presenting a platform for cultures and social events that are held for the citizens.
In a unprecedented gesture and in conjunction with the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, the Western Region Municipality announced the opening of (The Mondial's Barza in Madinat Zayed), in which the department of Public Relations and Communications in the Western Region Municipality is able to transmit live the activities of the World Cup 2010 in a huge tent installed specially for this event.
The Barza is a local term for the place where the host appears in front of his guests.
From this point of view we constructed our own tent (The Mondial's Barza 2010 in the Madinat Zayed) to be the ideal environment and free of smoking setting for football fans and enthusiasts.
While tourists and guests watch the World Cup at the hotel in the Madinat Zayed, most locals had the choice of visiting the Barza," Al Shuweikh said.