Basal Membrane

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basal membrane

[′bā·səl ′mem‚brān]
The tissue beneath the pigment layer of the retina that forms the outer layer of the choroid.

Basal Membrane


in vertebrate animals and man, the boundary film between the epithelium (or endothelium) and underlying loose connective tissue from which it is formed. The basal membrane consists of a diffuse substance and the fibers embedded in it. It serves to strengthen the epithelial layer of cells and prevents its cells from shifting deep into the connective tissue. Impairment of the basal membrane causes the epithelium to grow into the underlying connective tissue (for example, in chronic inflammation and malignant degeneration). The fact that the basal membrane is permeable to some metabolites indicates that it plays a definite part in metabolism.

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5%), and the absence of those paraepithelially located indicated their insufficient functional activity in producing the components of basal membrane, particularly, heparin sulfate proteoglycan.
The network of basal membrane infoldings allows the uptake of macromolecules from the hemolymph into the epithelial cells.
It was observed in testes that seminiferous tubule, basal membrane structure, and interstitial region showed a structure similar to control group.
The second (and third to some degree) spines of the first dorsal are elongated, there are 9 dorsal and 8 anal rays, the middle rays of the pectoral fin are branched, there is a single branch in the fifth pelvic fin ray, the basal membrane is 7-18% of the length of the fifth fin ray and there are 19-22 gill rakers on the outer margin of the first gill arch.
Basically, germ cell transplants consist in gathering germ cells from a donor and injecting them into the seminiferous tubules of a receptor; PGC's colonize the basal membrane of receptor's seminiferous tubules in search of a nich where they can develop into stem cells.
We think that olmesartan has a specific, perhaps structural effect on the kidney, either in the glomeruli or in the basal membrane, in the microcirculation.
The epithelial lining of both normal and PIN glands was segmented in two strata: a basal compartment 7 [micro]m wide from basal membrane, and a columnar (luminal) layer from the limit of the basal compartment to glandular lumen.
Although tendinal cells did not markedly increased the apical surface, their formation also involves reorganization of the basal membrane and cytoplasm as the cells form tonofibrillae and muscle attachments (Freeman et al.
Sun effects by UVA occur mainly in the stratum corneum and basal membrane.
Hemangiopericytoma is characterized by rich vascular tissue consisting of endothelial canals surrounded by spindle-shaped, oval, or rounded cells with marked nuclei; cells are arranged around the basal membrane of collapsed capillaries and preserved reticulin stroma.