Basal Membrane

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basal membrane

[′bā·səl ′mem‚brān]
The tissue beneath the pigment layer of the retina that forms the outer layer of the choroid.
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Basal Membrane


in vertebrate animals and man, the boundary film between the epithelium (or endothelium) and underlying loose connective tissue from which it is formed. The basal membrane consists of a diffuse substance and the fibers embedded in it. It serves to strengthen the epithelial layer of cells and prevents its cells from shifting deep into the connective tissue. Impairment of the basal membrane causes the epithelium to grow into the underlying connective tissue (for example, in chronic inflammation and malignant degeneration). The fact that the basal membrane is permeable to some metabolites indicates that it plays a definite part in metabolism.

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Moreover, the number of maximally degranulated and degrading forms of mast cells was minimal (8.5%), and the absence of those paraepithelially located indicated their insufficient functional activity in producing the components of basal membrane, particularly, heparin sulfate proteoglycan.
These are further characterized by deep extensive basal membrane infoldings associated with many mitochondria that apparently play a role in removing excess salts from the hemolymph.
Fibrinoid structure of the stroma, basal membrane of amnion and chorionic villi with mild collagenization.
It was observed in testes that seminiferous tubule, basal membrane structure, and interstitial region showed a structure similar to control group.
Ripples and Wall Structures Generate a Divergent Pattern of Physical Contact with the Basal Membrane of Endothelial Cells.
Basal membrane is very important to establish the urothelium.
1A and B) had a proper basal membrane, mucous cells, primary and secondary lamellae.
Diagnosis: Trimma cheni has 8-9 scales in the predorsal midline, a row of 2-3 usually ctenoid scales along the upper border of the opercle, no cheek scales, a dark basal stripe in the dorsal fins, an elongate second dorsal spine reaching posteriorly to the bases of rays 1-4 of the second dorsal fin, the middle rays of the pectoral fin branched, a fifth pelvic fin ray which branches once dichotomously, the basal membrane connecting the inner margins of the fifth pelvic fins rays is less than 15% the length of the fifth ray, the scale pockets are not distinctly outlined with darker pigment, and, in life, there are two red to orange bars across the cheek and three diffuse yellow stripes on the body (most obvious along the caudal peduncle).
AQP-5 appeared mainly at the apical membrane of mucous glands, basolateral membrane and basal membrane of serous acini.
Peculiarity of the structure of the brain capillaries with their continuous tight junctions, the presence of thick basal membrane of these capillaries with well-developed layer of pericytes adjacent to it, and also surrounding of basal membrane by astrocytes pedicles appear as reliable barrier to fluid filtration from the lumen of capillaries.
Basically, germ cell transplants consist in gathering germ cells from a donor and injecting them into the seminiferous tubules of a receptor; PGC's colonize the basal membrane of receptor's seminiferous tubules in search of a nich where they can develop into stem cells.
"We think that olmesartan has a specific, perhaps structural effect on the kidney, either in the glomeruli or in the basal membrane, in the microcirculation."