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A basaltic extrusive rock closely allied to chert, jasper, or flint. Also known as Lydian stone; lydite.
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magmatic rock of porphyritic structure. In addition to plagioclase, olivine, and augite, it is composed of up to 15 percent leucite, nepheline, or analcime. Depending on the content of these three, basanite is classified as leucitic, nephelinic, or analcimic. Basanite is used for stone casting and as a facing material.

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Other famous mineralogical locality of zeolites (natrolite, analcime, phillipsite, mesolite, thomsonite) together with apophyllite, calcite and chlorite was described by Bouska and Malec (1971) in amygdales of a basanite intrusion near Soutesky.
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