Base Price

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Base Price


in Soviet economics, the price used as the basis for planning and statistical accounting in computing the indexes that characterize the dynamics of production, prime cost, and other indicators of national economic development. To the extent that the price level for one and the same product can differ from year to year, the determination and comparison of value indexes in the national economy (gross social product, national income, output of various branches of material production) for various years in current prices does not give a correct picture of real changes. Thus it is necessary to use base prices.

In capitalist countries, the base price is the price serving as a starting point for setting the price of a commodity of a specific quality, size, and chemical composition. The actual price diverges from the base price. There is a scale for increments and reductions in base prices. When market conditions change, base prices preserve a certain stability, but increments and reductions are subject to essential changes, resulting in a corresponding rise or fall in prices. The degree to which the actual price diverges from the base price is determined by the conditions under which the sale takes place and by the economic situation as a whole.


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'The fixing of the paddy base price is a very sensitive matter.
Tea Board of India (TBI) must fix a base price to solve the problem," Ghost said.
The electric car company now says on its website that the car starts at $42,900, still a ways from its goal of lowering the base price to $35,000.
Mushfiqur and Riyad -- two of Bangladesh's Big Five -- had a base price of 50 lakh rupees each.
It was found that the base price of the baby shampoo was increased from Rs 57.24 to Rs 62.10 a piece following the November 15 rate cut.
The government should consider evaluating the base price of these cars objectively to ensure fairness of the process and to fix a realistic market price.
The Department of Energy (DOE) is planning to issue by June a new policy that would strictly enforce the monitoring of price of petroleum products.In a statement released yesterday, the DOE said the policy would enable 'the unbundling of the base prices of petroleum products - gasoline, automotive and industrial diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, bunker fuel oil and household and automotive liquefied petroleum gas.'
Per marla base price of these plots had been estimated by the approved Evaluators of Pakistan Bankers Association.
Kia Motors Corporation (KSE: 000270), a South Korea-based automaker, is increasing the base price for the new Sportage for the 2017 model year.
Watson, who has represented Rajasthan Royals (RR) every year since joining them in the inaugural edition in 2008, was bought by Vijay Mallay-owned RCB for Rs95 million from a base price of Rs20 million.
Trai also recommended a base price of ` 2,873 crore per MHz for pan- India 1,800 MHz frequency band-- widely known as 2G spectrum.
Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled and Hot Dipped Galvanized are priced at a minimum base price of USD420 per ton, USD540 per ton and USD550 per ton respectively.