base station

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base station

[′bās ‚stā·shən]
A land station, in the land mobile service, carrying on a service with land mobile stations (a base station may secondarily communicate with other base stations incident to communications with land mobile stations).
A station in a land mobile system which remains in a fixed location and communicates with the mobile stations.
The point from which a survey begins.
A geographic position whose absolute gravity value is known.

base station

(1) A holder (see cradle).

(2) In general, a transmitter and receiver of electronic signals.

(3) An earth-bound transceiver station for wireless transmission to a communications satellite. See earth station and transceiver.

(4) A transceiver station for wireless transmission to cellular phones and devices. In 2G GSM systems, the base station is a "base transceiver station" (BTS). In 3G and LTE networks, base stations are known as "Node B" and "Evolved Node B" (eNB) stations respectively. See 3G, LTE and transceiver.

(5) A transceiver station for a wireless local area network (WLAN). A Wi-Fi base station is an "access point." See access point, transceiver and wireless LAN.
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Vendor-driven open standards for next-generation base stations.
OneBase MCPA Cell Extender -- the industry's most efficient, high power multi-carrier power amplifier for use in extending the coverage or increasing the capacity of wireless base stations.
With its all-digital architecture, Andrew's OneBase Remote Radio Head leapfrogs competing products that use older technologies," said Mickey Miller, group president, Base Station Subsystems, Andrew Corporation.
For developers using the DAC5687, TI provides the DAC5687EVM evaluation module for easy integration of the device into wireless infrastructure base stations and other target applications.
This architecture collapses the functions of much of the radio management into RadioFrame's picocell and femtocell base stations at the edge of the network allowing a virtually unlimited number of RadioFrame[R] base stations to connect into current network architecture as well as newer network technologies such as IMS networks as they are deployed.
This report describes how base stations are transforming through improved semiconductor capabilities.
The AdaptaCell([R]), AirSite([R]), iBSS, and RapidCell([TM]) GSM and CoreCell([TM]) CDMA base stations provide wireless operators and integrators with a full suite of radio access solutions.
This base station forecast contains a forecast for both new and deployed macro cellular base stations.
AirNet([R]) Communications Corporation, a wholly-owned TECORE([R]) Wireless Systems company and technology leader in base station products, will be showcasing new VoIP- and SIP-enabled products at this year's 3GSM World Congress, being held February 12-15 in Barcelona, Spain.
One USB base station for connecting the wireless sensor network with a PC or the Internet
Huawei offers CDMA operators two things which many of its competitors could not: a full portfolio of base stations and low-cost pricing.
Opex-efficient base stations are a key component of any developing market offer.

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