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(building construction)
A finish board covering the interior wall at the junction of the wall and the floor. Also known as skirt; skirting.


A flat projection from an interior wall or partition at the floor, covering the joint between the floor and wall, and protecting the wall: it may be plain or molded.

baseboard, mopboard, scrubboard, skirting board, washboard

A flat projection from an interior wall or partition at the floor, covering the joint between the floor and wall and protecting the wall from kicking, mopping, etc. It may be plain or molded; a base, 4.
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The first decision made by the design team was to eliminate the baseboard heating system by increasing the envelope wall insulation, providing double-pane windows, and locating overhead linear air diffusers at the perimeter walls.
A 30-36" length of hydronic baseboard heating elements with 3/4" tube with aluminum fins
Electric baseboard heating and room air conditioners are easy to install.
The scope of work includes, but is not limited to: replacement and upgrades of unit interiors, including new floors, surfaces, fixtures, appliances and finishes; new bathrooms and kitchens; replacement of the existing electrical baseboard heating systems with a highly efficient gas fired, four pipe vertical fan-coil heating and efficient central chiller cooling system, with the mechanicals located in a new rooftop penthouse; new cogen system and complete replacement of the plumbing system; modification of the electrical system; installation of a high-performance window wall system along with new exterior insulating metal cladding system; creation of 6 new units on the 2nd floor; site landscape upgrades; new common laundry rooms, resident lounges, and offices.
Each rental unit features a dishwasher, stove, oven, refrigerator, washer/dryer hook-up and individual climate controls for baseboard heating and central air conditioning.
When Holy Name was built in 1967 and electric baseboard heating installed, electricity was considered the most cost-effective source of heat.
Carpeting is being installed in the apartments as a safety feature to help cushion falls and the electric baseboard heating system is being removed to make way for a heat pump system that allows each unit to heat or cool the space as desired.
Wood-burning fireplaces, two-zone central air conditioning and individually controlled baseboard heating are also special features.
Keep radiators, registers and baseboard heating units dirt and dust free.
Heating product sales at Embassy are expected to be flat, as a decrease in baseboard heating sales should be offset by increases in sales of boilers and radiant systems.