Bashshar Ibn Burd

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Bashshar Ibn Burd


Date of birth unknown; died 787. Arab poet who is also part of the history of Persian literature. Wrote in Persian and Arabic. Persian by origin. Lived in Basra and Baghdad. Founder of a “new style” in Arabic poetry.

Bashshar ibn Burd openly defended Mazdaism, the dualis-tic teaching of the ancient Persians and Medes based on the acknowledgment of the existence of two opposite forces in nature, good and evil. He was a panegyrist of the caliph al-Mahdi. He satirized the vizier, for which he paid with his life. Bashshar ibn Burd was the subject of many anecdotes which are preserved in the Kitab al-Aghani.


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Adonis' experiments with visual art began by taking verses by such great Arab poets as Bashar ibn Burd, or the pre-Islamic poet Abu Zuaib al-Huzal.
Murtada sketched a verse of an ancient poem on a star shaped crystal, by Bashar Ibn Burd, one of the most renowned poets in Arab history.