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(League, Union).

(1) Albanian democratic organization. It was created in September 1922 upon the initiative of O. Rustemi; its members were representatives of the urban petite bourgeoisie, the progressive intelligentsia, and the workers. It was in the vanguard of the Albanian people’s struggle for democratic rights and for the abolition of feudalism. In June 1924 the Bashkimi led a popular uprising, which resulted in the coming to power of F. Noli’s bourgeois-democratic government. After the counterrevolution, led by A. Zogu in December 1924, the activity of the Bashkimi was prohibited.

(2) Newspaper, organ of the Democratic Front of the People’s Republic of Albania. It has been published since March 1943 in Tirana.

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The non-governmental organizations together with the committee of the school "Bashkimi" in Gostivar provided a petition signed by 14,000 teachers, parents and citizens to Education Minister Nikola Todorov to repeal his decision according to which ethnic Albanian students should start learning the Macedonian language in the second term of the first grade.
If the decision is not withdrawn, our children are to boycott Macedonian language classes," said Bekim Emruli , Council of parents of the school "Bashkimi" from Gostivar.