Basic Pig Iron

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Basic Pig Iron


the primary alloy of iron. Basic pig iron is smelted in a blast furnace and transferred in liquid or solid form for conversion—mainly in open-hearth furnaces or oxygen converters—into steel. Compared with other types of metals that are smelted in blast furnaces, for example, foundry and specular pig irons, ferrosilicon, and ferromanganese, basic pig iron has low silicon and manganese content—not more than 1.75 percent of each. The range of proportions of silicon, manganese, and sulfur is narrower in basic pig iron for conversion in an oxygen converter than in other types of basic pig iron. High-grade basic pig iron, which contains 0.020–0.060 percent phosphorus and 0.015–0.025 percent sulfur, is also produced.

Basic pig iron is the major product of blast furnaces, and in 1970 its production was approximately 90 percent of the entire production of pig irons in general.

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The company has seen a tentative recovery in pig iron prices since the start of the year: the latest deals were conducted at around $435/t FOB for basic pig iron and $460/t FOB for high-purity grades.
However, prices of plastic containers declined by six per cent, enamels by four per cent and basic pig iron and foundry pig iron by two per cent each.
The index for 'Basic Metals Alloys and Metal Products' group rose marginally due to higher prices of lead ingots, foundry pig iron and basic pig iron (1 per cent each).
entered into a contract for the sale of basic pig iron. Cargill had arranged for carriers to ship the goods to Trico in New Orleans, Louisiana.
This comparison is based on a charge comprised of 50% sprue, 40% steel, 10% basic pig iron, 30 lb/ton silicon carbide (SiC) and 25 lb/ton petroleum coke.
Imported basic pig iron prices have increased 23% and domestic pig has risen 18% over the past four years.

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