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An acquired or physiological lack or deficit within the individual.


  1. the basic requirements necessary to sustain human life. MASLOW (1954) suggested a hierarchy of needs from the basic physiological needs for food, safety and shelter, to psychological needs of belonging, approval, love, and finally the need for SELF-ACTUALIZATION. Only the physiological needs are essential for sustaining life and, according to Maslow, must be fulfilled before higher needs can be met. Some sociologists have argued that the existence of human needs indicates that universal FUNCTIONAL PREREQUISITES for the survival of any society can be identified.
  2. any socially acquired individual ‘drive’ (personality need), e.g. ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION.
  3. a distinction may also be drawn between basic needs and felt needs. In ECONOMICS, the term wants is used to refer both to psychological and social ‘felt needs’ and also to the goods which stimulate these.
While many sociologists have registered their dissatisfaction with NEEDS 1 , arguing that human needs are not universal but socially formed, conceptions of human needs have not been confined to psychologists or functionalist sociologists. Frankfurt School neo-Marxist sociologists (e.g. MARCUSE) refer to the ‘false needs’ created by capitalist societies, thus implying human ‘needs’. Conceptions of ‘absolute’ and ‘relative’ POVERTY also depend on conceptions of physiological and social needs. see also BASIC HUMAN NEEDS.
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The second basic requirement is to educate our young people and provide them with the technical skills needed to recover from the decline in meaningful skills training that is the fundamental requirement of all successful economies.
Also they must highlight man-made ruination of Indus delta - the sixth largest in the world due to non-release of water downstream Kotri in Sindh despite it was categorically mentioned in Water Accord - 1991 to release such water as mandatory requirement but due to intransigence of Punjab, water is not being released so far to save Indus delta and meeting basic requirement of 2.
This is the essence of community forestry, watershed restoration, and as conservationist Aldo Leopold might have said, a basic requirement of membership in the land community.
This product addresses the most basic requirement of QMC--maintaining the minimal amount of material on the machine and drawing more material from beside-the-press sources.
We'venow got an an army of shot-stoppers - a basic requirement, you would think - but no-one, the great Dane apart, who commands his area,and commands respect.
One had to sit a numeracy test - a basic requirement of becoming a teacher - 15 times.
The basic requirement is three years of PFP-related experience for those who have an undergraduate degree (in any major) from an institution accredited by one of the six regional accreditation agencies and who have completed a PFP curriculum registered with the IBCFP.
The ability to speak Irish will be a basic requirement for all planning permissions and that only Gaelgoiri will be able to build homes.
The ability to converse in Irish will be a basic requirement for all planning permissions and that only Gaelic-speakers will be able to build homes.

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