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An acquired or physiological lack or deficit within the individual.


  1. the basic requirements necessary to sustain human life. MASLOW (1954) suggested a hierarchy of needs from the basic physiological needs for food, safety and shelter, to psychological needs of belonging, approval, love, and finally the need for SELF-ACTUALIZATION. Only the physiological needs are essential for sustaining life and, according to Maslow, must be fulfilled before higher needs can be met. Some sociologists have argued that the existence of human needs indicates that universal FUNCTIONAL PREREQUISITES for the survival of any society can be identified.
  2. any socially acquired individual ‘drive’ (personality need), e.g. ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION.
  3. a distinction may also be drawn between basic needs and felt needs. In ECONOMICS, the term wants is used to refer both to psychological and social ‘felt needs’ and also to the goods which stimulate these.
While many sociologists have registered their dissatisfaction with NEEDS 1 , arguing that human needs are not universal but socially formed, conceptions of human needs have not been confined to psychologists or functionalist sociologists. Frankfurt School neo-Marxist sociologists (e.g. MARCUSE) refer to the ‘false needs’ created by capitalist societies, thus implying human ‘needs’. Conceptions of ‘absolute’ and ‘relative’ POVERTY also depend on conceptions of physiological and social needs. see also BASIC HUMAN NEEDS.
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Power is in the hands of an unelected few who have retained power through an electoral process that ignores the basic requirements of democracy.
2003) explain that representativity and homogeneity are basic requirements for (Q)SAR modeling, regardless of the statistical method used to develop the model.
In the Republic of the Marshall Islands, we struggle just to meet the basic requirements of education.
In addition to those basic requirements, the CBA also is requiring, by its newly adopted Regulation 68.
The basic requirements can be found at the department's Web site, www.
One of the basic requirements for building a scalable quantum computer is the need to interact arbitrary pairs of qubits (quantum bits) within the computer.
Often, however, nothing in the contract requires that the vendor meet these basic requirements.
Unlike outsiders, Bedoya notes, participation by indigenous peoples in the market economy is "motivated by the need to satisfy the basic requirements of the domestic productive unit, not by the logic of accumulation.
Table 2 of SAE J200 rifled "Classification system for rubber materials list the basic requirements for establishing class by volume swell for elastomers.
558, specified basic requirements intended to ensure that all machine-sensible records generated by a taxpayer's Automated Data Processing (ADP) system would be retained as long as they are material to the determination of tax liability.
He gave as examples workshops that he and his colleagues benefited from, including "How to interview a person with a disability," "How to work with an interpreter to share or obtain information from someone who is deaf," "How to cost effectively remove barriers to employment,'' and the basic requirements of ADA.
Basic Requirements of Patentability: Nonobviousness.

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