Frederic Bastiat

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Bastiat, Frederic


Born June 30, 1801; died Dec. 24, 1850. French bourgeois economist; propagandist for free trade.

K. Marx characterized Bastiat as “the most superficial and therefore the most adequate representative of the apologetic of vulgar economy” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 23, p. 18). Bastiat was one of the authors of the “theory” of the harmony of interests of labor and capital, a theory which concealed the exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie and depicted this exploitation as some kind of “exchange of services” between labor and capital. Bastiat actively advocated “free enterprise,” which he regarded as the decisive condition for the establishment of social harmony in bourgeois society.


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The quote 'when goods don't cross borders, soldiers will' is often attributed to French economist Frederic Bastiat.
To that end, I would highly recommend the reading of Frederic Bastiat, THE LAW.
Even at the cost of repetition from one of my previous articles, I would remind the people at helm of affairs in Pakistan through a quote of Frederic' Bastiat , 'When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society , over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorises it and a moral code that glorifies it.
Since 1848, one expert after another has set up shop finding "imperfections" in the market economy that Smith and Mill and Bastiat had come to understand as a pretty good system for supporting human flourishing.
Here we may recognize the "false philanthropists" Frederic Bastiat (2007) noted in his essay, The Law.
First discussed by Frederic Bastiat in 1850, the fact that a window pane has been broken and must be replaced provides work for the window repair industry, but the resources used to repair the window cannot be employed elsewhere.
The first of these will be familiar to any reader of Bastiat and Hazlitt.
The French economist Frederic Bastiat (died 1850), said that free and self administered mutual associations existed in the UK, over 33,000 of them covering over 3 million people (half the total population), with annual revenues of PS5 million (how many billion would that be today?
Nye holds the Bastiat Chair in Political Economy at the Mercatus Center and is professor of economics at George Mason University as well as international adviser and research director at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow.
Some 167 years ago, Frederic Bastiat addressed the difficulty of making good decisions when the decision and its consequences are widely separated in time.
They had all the names - Paco, Paparemborde, Imbernon, Palmie, Rives, Bastiat, Skrela.