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bastille, bastile

1. A fortification or castle, frequently used as a prison.
2. A tower or bulwark in the fortifications of a town.
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And for what crime are you imprisoned in the Bastile.
The same day they came for me and took me to the Bastile.
There is a congestion of prisoners in the Bastile, who were cooped up in the time of Monsieur de Richelieu; I don't even know their names.
Yes, but in regard to myself, my lord, it cannot be so, for I was removed from the Chatelet to the Bastile owing to an order from your eminence.
Hearing of your refusal to obey her she looked upon it as a declaration of war, and as she considers you a man of superior talent, and consequently dangerous, she desired me to make sure of you; that is the reason of your being shut up in the Bastile.
Do not forget that I have been five years in the Bastile and that no medium of viewing things is so deceptive as the grating of a prison.
I can easily suppose, sir, that her majesty has forgotten it amid the fetes and the courtiers of the Palais Royal, but I who have passed those years in the Bastile "
In the Bastile one talks politics only with soldiers and jailers, and you have not an idea, my lord, how little is known of what is going on by people of that sort; I am of Monsieur de Bassompierre's party.
I think so, forsooth," said Rochefort, "and when you find any of them, you march them off to the Bastile.
It is that I will hear nothing further from you till I am clear of the Bastile.
He was eager to leave the Bastile, where the secret which overwhelmed him seemed to double the weight of the walls.
And he departed, leaving Baisemeaux almost more than stifled with joy and surprise at this regal present so liberally bestowed by the confessor extraordinary to the Bastile.